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Crown Class

Crown Dining is a feast of delicious and healthy choices, offering sumptuous food in an elegant setting. Every detail in the service, presentation, and flavor prove Crown Dining worthy of its name. Prepared by chefs who care about food, and served by onboard staff who care about you, our tasteful meals will satisfy even the most distinguished of palates.

A Complete Menu
An exercise in preparation and choice, our menu comprises a full range of finely crafted meals designed to please the most traveled passengers. We offer you fresh choices each time you fly by changing menu items often, and frequent fliers will inevitably see the creativity of our menu planners in the variety of seasonal items along with the local and international cuisines used. Choose from one of your favorites, or dare to try something new and exotic. A complete range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages rounds out our complete menu.

Crown Meals
Each delicious meal is prepared to satisfy the elegant tastes of our Crown Class passengers. Crown Meals consist of four courses paired together to create a flavorful, well rounded meal. Begin with an appetizer or soup, followed by your choice of side and a main. Here you may select from a range of sides, including salads, rice, and vegetables, to accompany your preferred main, either a beef, chicken, fish, or vegetarian delicacy. Top it off with a delectable choice from our assortment of desserts, and “Voila”, the experience is complete. On longer flights we offer a secondary service continental breakfast that is light, fresh, and tasty, consisting of fruit salad, a bread basket selection, and pastries. If you desire more, the fully-stocked pantry is available at any time during your flight. You may also select a meal from our special request menu, which has been designed to meet religious or dietary preferences.*

*These must be ordered at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure time.

Crown Wines and Alcoholic Beverages
Our wine list offers carefully chosen local and international favorites. You may choose from a range of champagnes, red, or white wines, each individually selected to complement our meal options. Our alcoholic beverages menu also includes local and international beers, appetizing aperitifs, and fine liqueurs.

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