About US

RJ has been the proud recipient of both industry and customer satisfaction awards. This affirmation of our achievements has come from the air travel, customer service, tourism, web and business sectors. We are honored to be recognized by each of these awards, and strive to continue to uphold the standards that helped us achieve them.

  • We beat out eight regional competitors to win this award at the ceremony held in Dubai. The Pan Arab Web awards are presented in more than 30 sectors, including banking, health, transportation, journalism, services, governmental institutions and airlines.

  • We collected this prestigious award at a ceremony patronized by HRH Prince Faisal Bin Al-Hussein. The King Abdullah II Award for Excellence is designed to gauge the performance of both public and private sector institutions, and promote development. It is recognized as the highest level national award in Jordan.

  • Royal Jordanian won the Merit Award in recognition of its successful turnaround and strong strategic contribution to the aviation industry, at the 3rd Annual Asia Pacific and Middle East Aviation Outlook Summit. The event was held by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) in Singapore. The CAPA awards are presented annually to Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern personalities and organizations whose activities most influence business and regulatory strategies, in ways which have a lasting impact on the evolution of the aviation and tourism industries.

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