Our Family

A dedicated team of experienced, proven individuals offers guidance to our people and manages our assets to ensure a bright future for Royal Jordanian. Regarded for their education and past success, this team works towards reaching new heights on behalf of our staff and customers.

Job Title  
Chairman Mr. Said Darwazah
President / CEO Captain Suleiman Obeidat
Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Server Aydin
Chief Financial Officer Mr.Feras Qarrain
Head of Information Technology Mr.Ashraf Ayoub
Head of Network Management & Alliances Mrs. Basma Majali
Head of Revenue Accounting & Outstations Ms. Amal Hattar
Head of Revenue Management Mr.Mohannad Khraisheh
Head of Marketing Mr.Anwar Atalla
Head of Flight Operations Captain Ghassan Obeidat
Head of  Airport Services Mr.Awni Shloul
Head of Human Resources & Administration Mr.Khalid Al-Masri
Head of Procurement & Logistics Mr.Khaled Hijazi
Head of Crew Training & Standards Captain Amer Gaith
Head of Treasury Ms. Suha Al Ardah
Head of In-flight Services and Products Mr. Luai Qanash
Acting Head of Engineering & Maintenance Mr. Rami Al.Husseini
Executive Assistant / Media-Corporate Communications & CSR Mr.Basel Kilani
Executive Assistant / Customer Experience Mr.Samer Saman
Executive Assistant / Strategic Management Office Mr.Fawzi Mulki
Executive Assistant / Corporate Security Mr.Akram Jama’at
Director / Corporate Safety Mr.Osama Abu Eisheh
Director / Insurance Mr.Ayman Habahbeh
Director / Corporate Quality Management Captain Bassam Sarawi
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