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RJ aircraft flying from New York encounters turbulence


A Royal Jordanian aircraft was hit by turbulence on Nov. 7 over the British skies en route from New York’s JFK international Airport to Amman. Seven passengers were slightly injured. 

The airline stated that the A340 aircraft suddenly entered in a moderate turbulence. As the skies were clear and absent of clouds, the captain did not get any warning from the air navigation systems in the cockpit of any expected turbulence. Thus, the aircraft was shaken by the turbulence and seven passengers, who were moving in the cabin, suffered minor injuries.  The rest of the passengers who kept their safety belts fastened were not affected.   

RJ president/CEO Amer Hadidi, air safety officials at the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission and the Civil Defense team received the aircraft upon landing at Queen Alia International Airport at 17:00 pm. First aid was provided to the injured and they were taken to a hospital as a precaution.

The aircraft had 139 passengers onboard; 12 of which are crew members.

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