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We consider product placement opportunities that present the Royal Jordanian brand in a positive light through strategically placing brand symbols in your film or television program. Brand symbols that have been featured in films and television include planes, cabins, crew members and members of our staff.

We consider product placement opportunities in films or television programs that can deliver the following requirements:

  • Product demonstration - scenes where our products can be showcased.
  • Interaction with RJ staff - scenes showing interaction with our staff onboard or on the ground.
  • International audience contact - we prefer to be involved with projects intended for audiences in our key markets, particularly our target frequent business and leisure travelers.

Any opportunity must help build on our brand values.

Projects we will not sponsor
We will not sponsor any film or programme that:

  • Features an airline crisis (e.g. a crash or hijacking).
  • Features traumatic violence.
  • Contains controversial or politically sensitive subject matter.
  • Impacts negatively on our brand.
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