Agent Debit Memo Policy

1.  Introduction
Royal Jordanian systems are programed to provide the best availability for its flights through different GDSs. As all booking activities for flights of Royal Jordanian take effect on these via RJ’s inventory, booking activities are monitored by auditing program. This is to ensure the integrity of Royal Jordanian’s inventory for the sake of passengers, travel agents and Royal Jordanian alike.
Booking activities incur from Travel agents via Computer Reservation Systems (CRS), Regardless of IATA accreditation. Hence this Booking Policy and the consequences of violation apply for every entity accessing Royal Jordanian Inventory and Reservation System, by its IATA accredited travel agent, NON-IATA travel agent, via any of the GDS’s.
This document explains the rules that Royal Jordanian applies to ensure proper booking activities. Violations of these rules may lead to Agent Debit Memos (ADM) or invoices, or ultimately disconnection from access to Royal Jordanian Inventory and Reservation System.
Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation. For questions regarding these booking
Policies please contact your local RJ Sales Team.

2.  Cost Recovery Scheme

Violations and Definitions Cost Recovery Fee
Churning refers to repeatedly cancelling and rebooking the same or different itinerary for the same or different classes across one or more GDS’s.
Royal Jordanian allows up to three (3) cancellations before charging for the churning.
US $4 per segment /passenger
2.2Fictitious/ Speculative Bookings:
Fake bookings (i.e. visa, training, testing, securing seats for anticipated demand, blocking seats without end of transaction).
US $20 per segment /passenger
*Inventory wastage(per passenger per segment)
J/Class: US $300
Y/Class: US $50
2.3Manipulation of Ticket limit
Travel agency must not add unwanted segments to the booking to receive a longer ticket limit.
US $150 per passenger
2.4Inactive and passive Segments
Inactive segments, are those with status HX, NO, UN, US, UC, UU, DL, WK, WL, WN which must be cancelled no later than 72 hours before departure time.
Passive segment should be used by BSP agent, and to match NONBSP existing booking in intention of ticketing.
US $10per segment /passenger
2.5Breaking of (Married Segments & O AND D Availability)
Segments which are booked as married segments from availability display must not be separated before or after end of transaction. Although ticket segment/s must be used in sequence. Reservation must be booked and priced based on point of sales of the agent’s location.
J/Class: US $500 per segment /passenger
Y/Class: US $200 per segment /passenger
2.6Void/Refunded Tickets
Voided/refunded ticket, relevant PNR or related segments must be immediately cancelled.
  • Charges may apply for blocking the space/segment.
  • No Show penalties may also apply.
US $30 per segment /passenger
2.7Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) DOCS
Real and correct passport information must be added on pnr.
US $300 per passenger
2.8Fake Ticket numbers
Travel Partner must not use fake ticket numbers.
US $20 persegment /passenger
Plus repricing for the segments in the booking
2.9Wait Listing
Unwanted wait list segments must be cancelled no later than24hours before departure time.
US $20per segment /passenger.
2.10Duplicate Bookings
Duplicate bookings created by a Travel Agent across one or more GDS, for the same passenger(s), on one or multiple PNRs are prohibited including, but not limited to:
  • Identical itineraries on the same or different flight numbers for the same or different Booking class or cabin
  • Itineraries with multiple segments where it is logically impossible to travel.
US $10 segment /passenger.
2.11EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) issuance:
The correct reason for issuance code and reason for issuance sub-code should be used by travel agent.
Full correct EMD value will be raised.
2.12Manipulation of segments
Segments should be booked based on the travel plan of passenger, adding segments or doing reservation for the purpose to dilute fare is not permitted.
J/Class:US $300 passenger
Y/Class : US $100 passenger
Plus the full difference of ticketand the costinventory wastage will be charged.
2.13GDSs Cancellation Fees
If any sales period, total agent cancellation exceeds 90% of all bookings made on Royal Jordanian, GDS cancellation fees will apply.
GDS Cancellations cost for sales period will be charged
2.14Passenger Contact Information
Passenger contact information is a mandatory element under company rules as well as IATA resolutions (830d). It helps both airline and agent to provide an optimum service under irregularity of operation.
  • Valid contact information (mobile, email, phone…) at all points of journey must be entered under SSR element according to applied GDS entries.
  • Additional information are optional and welcomed by RJ.
  • If passenger refuses to provide contacts, CTCR must be added.
ADM will be raised with same amount compensated to the passenger plus the US $200 as a processing fees

*Note: A service fee of US $10 will be raised by Royal Jordanian per each ADM in addition to the cost recovery fee.