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Jordan Entry Requirement

Travelers planning to visit Jordan are no longer required to undergo pre-departure PCR tests or PCR tests upon arrival in Jordan
Some nationalities require an entry visa to Jordan. This can be conveniently acquired either upon arrival or through the Ministry of Interior web services via the following link: https://eservices.moi.gov.jo
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Global Entry Regulations

Travel Policy


Following flexible options will be provided to our passengers in case of already issued vouchers


 Voucher options (EMDs)

  • Extending already issued vouchers validity (Air transportation/refundable vouchers) for two years and two months from original day of issuance.
  • Extending Already issued Residual value vouchers for two years and two months from the date of original voucher/EMD issuance.
  • EMD/Voucher value can be used by close family members (Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Spouse and Children), provided that the attached form is signed & approved by voucher holder.
  • Expired tickets which were not yet exchanged to vouchers, are non-changeable to vouchers, and none-refundable unless contradicts with local laws.
  • For current nonoperational routes, offer nonrefundable voucher valid for one year, applicable in case of issued voucher or expired unused ticket.


Nonoperational routes, (Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Moscow, Vienna, Munich, & Algeria) .


Passengers should be advised to contact RJ sales channels for vouchers' inquiries as per the following:

  1. If your flight was booked online through RJ website, please contact our support team at ibesupport@rj.com
  2. If your flight was booked through a Travel Agent office/website, please refer directly to your travel agent
  3. For any other RJ bookings, Please visit any of our sales offices as per the following link https://www.rj.com/en/rjoffices or contact our 24/7 call center at +962 6 5100000.