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Royal Jordanian Conditions of Contract

  1. As used in this contract, “ticket” means this passenger ticket, issued by carrier or on behalf of carrier with all accompanying coupons or, alternatively, an electronic ticket which forms part of the carrier's contract of carriage for transportation; “contract of carriage” means the contract terms for the transportation purchased, the contract terms include this ticket, Royal Jordanian's conditions of contract and Royal Jordanian's conditions of carriage and applicable tariffs; “baggage identification tag” means a document given to passenger by carrier to identify passenger's checked baggage; “carriage” is equivalent to “transportation”; “carrier” means air carriers that carry or undertake to carry passenger and passenger's baggage hereunder or perform any other service incidental to such air carriage; “electronic ticket” means the electronic entries within carrier's reservations database recording the carriage passenger has booked for which carrier has issued an e-Ticket Itinerary/Receipt; “e-Ticket Itinerary/Receipt” means a receipt marked as such or marked “Passenger Receipt/Itinerary” or itinerary receipt issued by or on behalf of carrier and delivered to passenger by e-mail, fax or hand-delivery, by mail or by courier; “Warsaw Convention” means the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air signed at Warsaw, 12th October 1929 (“Warsaw Convention 1929”), or that Convention as amended by any of the following international instruments of law which may apply to the carriage: (a) The Warsaw Convention as amended at the Hague, 28th September 1955, (b) the additional Protocol No. 1 of Montreal (1975), (c) the additional Protocol No. 2 of Montreal (1975), (d) the Additional Protocol No. 4 of Montreal (1975), (e) the Guadalajara Supplementary Convention (1961), whichever may be applicable; “Montreal Convention” means the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air signed at Montreal, 28 May 1999; "SDR" means the composite unit of currency known as the Special Drawing Right that is the official unit of exchange of the International Monetary Fund.
  2. Wherever the Warsaw Convention or Montreal Convention applies, carrier liability will be subject to the rules and limitations of the applicable convention.
  3. To the extent not in conflict with the foregoing, carriage and other services performed by carrier are subject to:(1) the conditions of contract on this ticket; (2) applicable tariffs; (3) applicable government regulations and(4)  carrier's conditions of carriage, which are available at Conditions of Carriage  or on application at the offices of carrier.
  4. Carrier's name may be abbreviated in this ticket, the full name and its abbreviation being set forth in carrier's tariffs, conditions of carriage, or timetables; carrier's address shall be the airport of departure shown opposite the first abbreviation of carrier's name in this ticket; the agreed stopping places are those places set forth in this ticket or as shown in carrier's timetables as scheduled stopping places on the passenger's route; carriage to be performed under this ticket by several successive carriers is regarded as a single operation.
  5. If carrier issues a ticket for passenger for transportation onboard another air carrier, carrier will be acting only as the agent for that other carrier. Passenger's transportation may be governed by the terms and conditions contained in the other carrier's contract of carriage.
  6. Carrier's contract of carriage with passenger and any exclusion or limitation of liability of carrier contained therein shall apply to and be for the benefit of carrier's agents, servants and representatives of carrier and any person whose aircraft is used by carrier for carriage and its agents, servants and representatives.
  7. Checked baggage will be delivered only to bearer of the baggage identification tag. In case of damage to baggage moving in international transportation complaint must be made in writing to carrier forthwith after discovery of damage and, at the latest, within (3) three days from receipt where the Warsaw Convention 1929 applies and (7) seven days from receipt where the Warsaw Convention (excluding the Warsaw Convention 1929) or Montreal Convention applies; in case of delay, complaint must be made within (14) days from the date the baggage was placed at your disposal where the Warsaw Convention 1929 applies and (21) twenty one days from date the baggage was placed at your disposal where the Warsaw Convention (excluding the Warsaw Convention 1929) or Montreal Convention applies.
  8. This ticket is valid for carriage for one year from date of issue if fully unused and for one year from commencement of travel if partially used, except as otherwise provided in carrier's conditions of carriage. With respect to transportation that does not take place within, to or from the United States, the fare for carriage hereunder is subject to change prior to commencement of carriage. These changes will be restricted to increases beyond our control, imposed by third parties. Carrier may refuse transportation if the applicable fare has not been paid. Carrier reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person whose passport number does not match the number specified in his or her reservation or ticket. With respect to transportation within, to or from the United States, the fare for carriage hereunder may be increased in the event of an increase in a government-imposed tax or fee. Such a price increase will occur only in the event that the customer is notified of the potential for a post-purchase price increase due to an increase in a government-imposed tax or fee, and the customer provided written consent to the potential for such an increase prior purchase.
  9. Carrier undertakes to use its best efforts to carry the passenger and baggage with reasonable dispatch. Carrier may without notice substitute alternate carriers or aircrafts, and may alter or omit stopping places shown on this ticket in case of necessity. Carrier's schedules do not form part of the contract with passenger and changes to carrier's schedule are subject to change without notice. Carrier will make reasonable efforts to notify passenger of any changes to schedules. Carrier assumes no responsibility for making connections.
  10. Passenger shall comply with Government travel requirements, present exit, entry and other required documents and check-in at airport by the time fixed by carrier as set forth in Article 6 of Royal Jordanian Airlines' Conditions of Carriage (available at https://www.rj.com/en/info-and-tips/conditions-of-carriage). Carrier has the right to cancel passenger's reservation or invalidate passenger's ticket coupon, if passenger fails to comply with the carrier's check-in/boarding rules and/or fails to check-in/board within the proper check-in/boarding time fixed by Carrier.
  11. No agent, servant or representative of the carrier has authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of this contract.
  12. Inclusion of the RJ airline designator code as carrier in this ticket denotes Royal Jordanian as actual carrier unless the flight is listed in Royal Jordanian's timetables or notified to the passenger as being operated by another carrier pursuant to a code share, or some other, arrangement.
  13. EU Notice: As required by EU law, this notice sets out a non-exhaustive summary of the liability of Royal Jordanian for passengers and their baggage. See also Advice to International Passengers on Limitation of Liability, and Notice of Baggage Liability Limitations.
  14. Carriage is subject to Royal Jordanian’s contract of carriage, which includes this ticket, Royal Jordanian's conditions of contract and Royal Jordanian's conditions of carriage. Copies of the conditions of carriage are available online at https://www.rj.com/en/info-and-tips/conditions-of-carriage.
  15. NOTICE OF LIABILITY LIMITATIONS Passengers on a journey involving an ultimate destination or a stop in a country other than the country of departure are advised that the provisions of the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention may be applicable to the entire journey, including any portion entirely within a  country and these conventions govern and may limit the liability of carriers for death, bodily injury or delay of passengers and for loss or delay of or damage to baggage.
    Where the Montreal Convention applies, the limits of liability are as follows:
    1. Death or bodily injury: a) Carrier may be liable for any provable damages up to the national currency equivalent of 113,100 SDRs b) Carrier may not be liable for death or bodily injury as defined in the Montreal Convention if carrier can prove that the damages were not due to the negligence or other wrongful action or omission of the carrier or its servants or agents or that the damage was due solely to the negligence or other wrongful act or omission of a third-party.
    2. Baggage: In respect of destruction, loss of, or damage or delay to baggage, carrier's liability is limited to SDR 1,131 per passenger.
    3. Delay to Passengers: For provable damage occasioned by delay to your journey, our liability is limited to SDR 4,694.  Carrier may not be liable for damages caused by delay if carrier can prove that carrier or its agents took all reasonable measures to avoid the delay or if it was impossible for carrier or it agents to take such measures to avoid delay.
      Where the Warsaw Convention system applies, the following limits of liability may apply:
      1. Death or bodily injury: up to SDR 16,600 in respect of death or bodily injury if the Hague Protocol to the Convention applies, or SDR 8,300 if only the Warsaw Convention 1929 applies.
      2. Baggage: SDR 17 per kilogram for loss of, damage or delay to checked baggage, and SDR 332 for unchecked baggage is applicable in most cases. If the weight of your checked baggage is not recorded, we will presume that is it not more than the free baggage allowance specified on your ticket.
      3. The carrier may also be liable for provable damage occasioned by delay to your carriage. 
        Further information may be obtained from the carrier as to the limits applicable to your journey. If your journey involves carriage by different carriers, you should contact each carrier for information on the applicable limits of liability.
        Regardless of which convention applies to your journey, you may benefit from a higher liability for loss of, damage or delay to baggage by making at check-in a special declaration of the value of your baggage and paying any supplementary fee that may apply. Alternatively, if the value of your baggage exceeds the applicable limit of liability, you should fully insure it before you travel.
  16. TIME LIMIT FOR ACTION: Any action to claim damages must be brought within two years from the date of arrival of the aircraft, or from the date on which the aircraft ought to have arrived or from the date on which the carriage stopped.
    The price of this ticket may include taxes, fees and charges, which are imposed on air transportation by Government Authorities and Airport. These taxes, fees and charges, which may represent a significant portion of the cost of air travel, are either included in the fare, or shown separately in the “TAX/FEE/CHARGE” box(es) of this ticket. You may also be required to pay taxes, fees and charges not already collected. These changes will be restricted to increases beyond our control, imposed by third parties
    The price of your ticket may include a security and/or insurance surcharge and a fuel surcharge. They are shown in the charge/tax/fee area of your ticket. These sums are levied by Royal Jordanian Airlines and are not a tax, fee or charge imposed by a Government Authority or by a third party.
  1. ROYAL JORDANIAN reserves the right to refund only to the person who originally paid for the ticket and to refuse refund when application is made later than one year from ticket issuance date.
  2. Carrier reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person who has acquired a ticket in violation of applicable law or carrier's contract of carriage.
  3. This ticket shall not be valid for transportation if the correct fare has not been paid in accordance with carrier's contract of carriage.
  4. If you have any medical conditions that may potentially have a negative effect on you boarding the Carrier, then you are obligated to inform Royal Jordanian of this prior to boarding the Carrier. Furthermore, if you take any medication for this medical condition, you must have this medication with you at all times.
  5. Your name on the ticket must match the full name as it is written in your passport. In case they are different, if possible the Carrier will re-issue or produce a new ticket, which shall bear the correct full name as outlined in your passport, extra and/or additional fees may apply as applicable.
  6. You cannot travel if you do not have all required travel documents, including but not limited to passport or VISA.
  7. Governments may require your carrier to provide information on or permit access to passenger data.
  8. “For details of the basis on which we may collect, process and transfer your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.”
  1. Passenger shall comply with all matter related to baggage and rights related to baggage as set forth in Article 8 of Royal Jordanian Airlines' Conditions of Carriage (available at https://www.rj.com/en/info-and-tips/conditions-of-carriage).
    Free baggage allowances: 
    Your checked baggage allowance may be limited by your class of travel and your travel destination, and any combination of dimension and weight, number of pieces or dimensions. Baggage in excess of the free allowance is subject to extra charge. Do identify your baggage on the inside and outside. Do remove old labels. Do not pack Dangerous Articles in your bags. 
    Please contact our offices for more information about your free baggage allowances or extra baggage charges. 
    Hand baggage: 
    Your carry-on baggage may be limited according to the below: 
    Crown Class Passengers
    Crown Class passengers are allowed two pieces of carry-on baggage in the cabin on all types of aircraft, except on Embraer's where only one piece is allowed, according to the set size, weight and shape. 
    Economy Class Passengers 
    One piece of carry-on baggage is allowed per person according to the set size, weight and shape. 
    Each piece of carry-on baggage for both Crown and Economy class shall meet the following conditions:
  1. It shall be of a size, weight and shape to fit under a passenger seat or in an enclosed storage compartment;
  2. Its weight shall not exceed 7 kilograms; and
  3. It may have maximum dimensions of (9X16X20in) or (23X41X51cm) however, the sum of the three dimensions shall not exceed (45 inches/115 cm). These dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets, etc. 
    In addition to the CARRY-ON allowance, the following can be accepted as carry-on items:
  1. Passengers traveling with infants are allowed one fully collapsible stroller/push-chair or infant's carrying basket that may be carried in the passenger cabin subject space availability.
  2. An umbrella or walking stick.
  3. A small camera.
  4. A reasonable amount of reading material for the flight.
  5. A pair of crutches and/or braces required by a passenger.
  6. A laptop computer.
  7. Any medical equipment required during the flight subject to medical approval.

Passengers travelling with infants are permitted to carry more than 3 ounces of baby formula, milk or baby food in their carry-on luggage up to a reasonable amount.  A reasonable amount shall be subject to the limits and exclusions set out by applicable rules and regulations. Passengers travelling with more than 3 ounces of baby formula, milk or food in their carry-on luggage must inform the appropriate authorities during security check.
Baby strollers/push-chairs may need to be checked in at the gate due to limited stowage in the aircraft cabin space.

Airline flights may be overbooked, and there is a slight chance that a seat will not be available on a flight for which a person has a confirmed reservation. If the flight is overbooked, no one will be denied a seat until airline personnel first ask for volunteers willing to give up their reservation in exchange for a payment of the carrier's choosing.  If there are not enough volunteers the carrier will deny boarding to other persons in accordance with its particular boarding priority. With few exceptions, persons denied boarding involuntarily are entitled to compensation as specified under applicable law. To be eligible for compensation, customers must have presented themselves at their airport for check-in within the time limits prescribed in carrier's Conditions of Carriage.  Check-in means face-to-face interaction with an airline representative at the check-in counter.

Infant acceptance onboard, if they turn 2 years during the journey:

  • If the passengers did not change flight date and time, the infant will use the same ticket to complete the journey without upgrading to child fare.
  • If the passenger changes the original flight date and time:
  1. Ticket should be reissued to a child fare ticket, on half roundtrip basis as per procedures.
  2. Collecting the difference between the fare of the ticket and half round trip infant's fare plus half round trip child fare, plus the difference in taxes for the remaining sector.

For safety reasons, dangerous goods must not be packed in checked or cabin (unchecked) baggage except as specifically permitted.  Dangerous goods include but are not limited to: compressed gases, corrosives, explosives, flammable liquids and solids, radioactive materials, oxidising materials, poisons, infectious substances, and briefcases with installed alarm devices. For security reasons, other restrictions may apply and are available on request at the offices of carrier, and are available at this link 
http://www.rj.com/en/restricted_hazardous_items.html .

Do not pack or carry onboard the items pictured below without checking with your carrier.