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Exclusive to Royal Jordanian passengers flying out of Amman, our City Terminal located at 7th Circle offers Advance Boarding service where you can begin your journey in ease.

Drop-off your bags, obtain your boarding pass and choose your seat. Taking advantage of these services in the convenience of our City Terminal means a smoother process at QAIA and more time to relax before your flight.


As RJ passenger, you can enjoy the following services:

  • Starting 1 July 2022 City Terminal office will open daily from 8 am till 8 pm.
  • Passengers are allowed to check-in before one day of their intended day of travel.     
  • Passengers traveling  within the same day will be accepted 8 hours before the scheduled departure time.  
  • Choose your favorite seat.
  • Baggage check-in.
  • Bus movement to the airport is scheduled each 30 minutes starting from (8:30) till 12pm (00:00).
  • Only passengers who paid the required transportation fees (4 JD ) and holding vouchers with or without boarding pass are allowed to use this facility , vouchers should be collected before terminal closing time.
  • Crown Class ,Holders of Platinum Hawk and Gold Sparrow FFP cards are exempted  from paying baggage transfer fees and bus usage fees .
  • An amount of 2 JDs will be collected for each checked -in bag as baggage transportation fees.
  • Travelers to USA & Canada shall be physically present during the check- in process except for children 12 years and under.
  • Travelers to destinations other than USA & Canada, an adult member of the travelling family may complete the check -in process without the need of the other members to be present ,a form will be filled out to ensure that there are no sick cases or pregnant women for one of the family members.


Medical cases, unaccompanied minors , passengers traveling with PETS cannot be accepted from city terminal 


Upon arrival at Queen Alia International Airport, you will breeze through airport immigration and can proceed directly to your departure gate.