In response to all your needs and to facilitate all your travel requirements, the CUSS (Common Use Self Service) will ease your travel arrangements and make it as smooth as possible. This service enables you to get your boarding pass without queuing at counters.

All this can be done through following these simple steps:

  • Select Royal Jordanian system.
  • Select your preferred language.
  • Select one of these following methods, through which the system can identify your reservation:
    • Name of passenger and his/her.
    • Flight number.
    • Number of E-ticket.
    • Insert paper ticket.

Some countries require data on your passport. Insert the passport in its specified place, if it reads automatically, or choose to insert data manually. After verifying the inserted data information the system will allocate your seat automatically, but if you wish to change your seat, you can choose from the seat map.

  • Insert the amount of luggage you wish to hand over.
  • After reviewing the security regulations, collect the boarding. pass and the baggage tags.
  • To pursue your travel arrangements, and ensure the accuracy of the intserted information, move to the check-in counter (which is opposite to the machines) to drop your baggage and make sure that check-in agent check your travel documents, before proceeding to immigration.
  • Stamp your passport and head to your gate.
  • Mention Airport First Class check-in office facility.
  • FFP is entitled to use first class check-in facility using his/her points, however to enter the Crown lounge other points must be deducted.
  • Mention that passengers can have an upgrade at the gate, provided that seat available.
  • Mention the Aircrafts that passengers can use mobile on board.