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This Customer Service Plan is separate from and not a part of Royal Jordanian's Contract of Carriage.


Offer the Lowest Fare Available 

Through its telephone reservations systems, website (rj.com), at airports and through city ticket offices, Royal Jordanian will offer the lowest fare available for its flights based on the date, route and Class of Service requested. In the event that the lowest available fare is offered by any other entity other than Royal Jordanian, Royal Jordanian will disclose that information upon request on its website, ticket counter or through its call center.


Notify Customers of Known Delays 

Royal Jordanian will make every effort to notify customers of known delays, cancellations or diversions within 30 minutes of Royal Jordanian becoming aware of the change in the status of a flight. Royal Jordanian will provide information relating to delays, cancellations or diversions in Royal Jordanian's boarding gate area, on Royal Jordanian's website (rj.com), via Royal Jordanian's telephone reservation system upon inquiry by any person, and through Royal Jordanian's flight notification systems, if applicable.


Deliver Baggage on Time 

It is Royal Jordanian's intention to deliver baggage on time, however, in the event that Royal Jordanian is unable to do so, Royal Jordanian will make every reasonable effort to return mishandled baggage within twenty-four (24) hours. Royal Jordanian will compensate you for reasonable expenses incurred as a result of mishandled baggage for domestic flights and as required by applicable international agreements for international flights. Royal Jordanian will reimburse you for any fee charged to transport your bag.


Holding or Canceling reservations

Free ticket refund except USA & Canada is allowed only when the cancellation is made in the same day (Jordan Local Time) of issuing the ticket and the reservation is made one week or more prior to a flight's departure. Free ticket refund does not include special offers and promotions.

For bookings made in the USA/Canada for travel to/from USA/Canada, on reservations made more than one week prior to departure, you may cancel within 24 hours from the time of booking without any penalty (based on the local time of where booking was made), and regardless of the type of fare booked (promotional/non-refundable etc.).


Providing Prompt Refunds

Royal Jordanian will issue refunds for eligible domestic and international tickets within seven (7) business days after receiving a complete refund request for credit card purchases, and within twenty (20) business days after receiving a complete refund request for purchases made by cash or check, including any fees for optional services if you were unable to use the services due to an over sale situation or flight cancellation.


Properly Accommodate Passengers with Disabilities and Special Needs

Royal Jordanian is dedicated to providing safe, convenient and reliable travel to all individuals. All Royal Jordanian employees are trained to comply with the Air Carrier Access Act (14 CFR Part 382). In accordance with the Air Carrier Access Act, Royal Jordanian will not discriminate against any disabled individual. Employees who interact with disabled passengers will exhibit kindness, awareness and respect. Royal Jordanian has designated Complaint Resolution Officials at every airport to answer questions.

For more information please click here for disabled passengers needing assistance.


To meet the needs of our disabled customers, Royal Jordanian will provide services and equipment for disabled individuals upon request, including:

  • Assistance with boarding and deplaning and the use of ground wheelchairs, onboard wheelchairs, and ramp or mechanical lifts;
  • Providing lifts, ramps or aisle chairs to assist the disabled passenger where loading bridges are not available;
  • Onboard assistance with seating as part of the boarding and deplaning process, stowing and retrieving of carry-on items, and dining preparation such as opening packages or identifying food;
  • Providing telecommunication devices for the deaf (available toll-free (TDD) 24 hours per day, seven days per week); and
  • Permit accompanying service animals in the cabin free of charge.


Children Traveling Alone

Royal Jordanian accepts unaccompanied minors ages five (5) through fourteen (14) years on nonstop flights only. An escort service charge per applies to all unaccompanied minors on Royal Jordanian flights please click here for charges. Minors ages 15 through 17 years are accepted without restrictions. Children 15 years of age and older are not subject to the unaccompanied minor policies. However, they can be made an unaccompanied minor at the parent's discretion by paying the escort fee. When the escort fee is paid, all unaccompanied minor policies and procedures will be followed.


Meet Essential Needs During Lengthy Tarmac Delays 

Royal Jordanian never intends to cause undue stress or harm to our customers. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be times when a flight is delayed on the tarmac for a long period of time. In the event that such a delay occurs, Royal Jordanian maintains contingency plans and policies to accommodate customers. For further information, please see Royal Jordanian's Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan.


Handling Bumped Passengers 

In the rare occasion that Royal Jordanian has oversold a flight and is unable to accommodate a customer with a confirmed reservation, Royal Jordanian will treat our customer with fairness and consistency. To that end, Royal Jordanian will provide information at airports, that contain our boarding priority rules and Royal Jordanian's policies and procedures for handling situations when all ticketed customers cannot be accommodated on a flight, including:

  • Notifying passengers of overbooked flights through Royal Jordanian's customer service representatives.
  • Requesting volunteers for denied boarding before using any other boarding priority.
  • Offering a transportation credit if a customer voluntarily gives up their seat.
  • Providing reasonable compensation, hotel accommodations or re-booking if a customer is involuntarily bumped from their seat.


Disclosing Cancellation Policies, Frequent Flyer Rules, Aircraft Seating Configuration, and Lavatory Availability 

Royal Jordanian provides customers with timely and complete information on its website (rj.com) and upon request by calling its customer service center.

Notifying Passengers in a Timely Manner of Changes in their Travel Itineraries 

Royal Jordanian will attempt to contact you, via contact information provided in your reservation, about changes in your travel itinerary when the event is known at least one hour before departure.

Ensuring Responsiveness to Consumer Problems 

Customers can submit their complaints officially by emailing customer.services@rj.com where they will receive a case number and we will respond back latest within 10 working days of receiving the complaint.

For baggage delay and damage, please contact the Baggage Services Team at ammbag@rj.com

Services Provided to Mitigate Passenger Inconvenience from Cancellations and Misconnections 

When a Royal Jordanian flight on which the passenger is being transported is canceled or causes a passenger to miss a connection, due to reasons within Royal Jordanian's control, creating an overnight stay for the customer, Royal Jordanian will provide: (1) hotel accommodations for one night, excluding room service, alcohol, or movies, laundry or other hotel services; and (2) ground transportation (if not provided by the hotel).

Passengers who are delayed without baggage will be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts for reasonable incidentals, such as toiletries, needed until they are reunited with their baggage.

Royal Jordanian will not provide hotel accommodations when a flight is canceled or causes a missed connection due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to, weather or Air Traffic Control related delays or cancellations. Royal Jordanian will also not provide hotel accommodations in the following circumstances:

  • A passenger's trip is interrupted at a city which is his/her origin point, point of scheduled temporary stay or his/her permanent domicile; or
  • When the destination designated on the passenger's ticket, and the flight on which the passenger is being transported, is diverted to another city or airport in the same metropolitan area due to weather or other causes beyond Royal Jordanian's control.

In cases where Royal Jordanian does not provide one night's lodging, Royal Jordanian will provide passengers a list of hotels/motels, which offer a discounted rate when flight(s) are canceled.