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Royal Jordanian commits with IATA to enhance environmental sustainability


IEnvA is a system designed to independently assess and improve the environmental management of an airline. It identifies the environmental impact and risks and provides the tools to check the airline's sustainability commitment. The program covers all aspects of sustainability from CO2 emissions to single-use plastics to cabin waste to wildlife trafficking.

It is based on the ISO14000 environmental management standard and covers all flight operations and activities on the ground and in the air in every country in which the airline operates. The full implementation and review can take between six and 18 months. Every two years the process is audited by independent third-party experts and the airline is then IEnvA certified.

Today, environmental sustainability is a focus of interest for aviation. The airline industry is ambitiously committed to net zero emissions by 2050. Therefore, airlines and other industry players must have the right tools to support this goal towards a carbon-neutral industry.

RJ Vice Chairman/CEO Samer Majali said: “We are pleased to partner with IATA to strengthen our commitment to environmental sustainability. IEnvA will offer RJ different solutions to implement the best practices in environmental management, eventually leading to our goal line to fly net-zero in 27 years from now.”

He added that the airline is ambitious to replace jet fuel with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) made from renewable sources. RJ, like many global carriers, is now more focused than ever to invest in projects that help reduce CO2 emissions and implement carbon offsetting to meet climate goals. 

“RJ’s signing up for IEnvA underlines their commitment to improving the company’s environmental management practices, and sustainability efforts in general. We are very pleased that RJ has partnered with IATA and trust us to work with them to further progress. Environmental sustainability is centre stage for the airline industry. IATA is proud to work with its member airline to introduce world-class environmental management practices and tools to support our goal towards a carbon-neutral industry”, said Kamil Alawadhi, IATA’s Regional Vice-President for Africa and Middle East.


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