Desert Castles Tour

Trek through golden deserts on your way to visit the desert castles and fortresses in the east of Jordan.

Enrich your stopover in Jordan and start your tour at the Qasr Mshatta, about 30km (20m) southeast of Amman, which is the ruin of an Umayyad winter palace (743-744).

Next you will head to The Qasr Kharana, about 60km (38m) east of Amman, which is one of the best-known of the desert castles. It is believed to have been built sometime before the early 8th century.

Then you will continue your adventure by visiting The Qasr Amra, about 85km (53m) east of Amman, which is the most famous of the desert castles located in present-day eastern Jordan, and was built early in the 8th century.

Your tour comes to an end at The Al Azraq Castle, a large fortress in eastern Jordan is named after a nearby oasis.

You will have a delicious lunch at a local restaurant before heading back to the airport for departure.


Rate Per Person (Minimum 2) Rate for One Person
$92 $149


This package is inclusive of:

A “meet and assist” service at Queen Alia International Airport.

Transportation from/to the airport and touristic sites.

Entrance fees to the touristic attractions mentioned in the package.

Either breakfast, lunch or dinner meal in a local restaurant depending on your journey.

Opening hours for museums and archaeological sites:

Winter: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Summer: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.