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Miles and Cash

Pay on Your Own Terms using “Miles & Cash”!


We are glad to announce the launch of “Miles & Cash”, a NEW Service that would allow you the flexibility to pay for your tickets using a combination of Royal Club award miles and cash.


With “Miles & Cash”, you no longer have to wait to accumulate the total number of miles required for an award ticket; instead you can use even that small number of miles in your membership account to save up on your next ticket.


The process is very simple, all you have to do is:

  • Click on the “Miles & Cash” tab on the booking engine at our homepage,
  • login to your Royal Club membership account,
  • and proceed with the ticket booking process.
  • Once you reach the payment page, you will find a slider that would allow you to customize your payment and split it between award miles and cash at your convenience.


We forgot to mention that while you will be redeeming some miles to save up on your ticket, you will also be earning miles for the cash portion of the ticket!


That’s not all, you will also earn Tier Miles to top up your Tier Miles balance depending on the ticket fare and class of booking.


To know more about our new service, please visit Frequently Asked Questions  and  “Miles & Cash” Terms & Conditions


Royal Club Program Terms and Conditions apply.