Rules and Regulation

As modern day businesses grow to expand their reach around the globe, more and more major corporations require their employees to travel. This is why Royal Jordanian is offering companies, universities, embassies and corporations the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of fare free tickets and upgrades, as well as other rewards. Just sign a contract with Royal Jordanian and watch your business grow without worrying about travel costs.

Corporate Rules & Regulations

  • To join the Royal Plus Corporate a company must provide the following documents
    • The Chamber of commerce approval letter for companies, for Universities & Embassies evaluation will be done by Royal Plus team.
    • Names of employees to be assigned ( not less than five or more than one hundred)
    • A signed letter by the company that includes the name and the contact information of the account's authorizer.
  • Only your authorizer, controller or nominated travel agent may redeem your rewards Miles on your behalf by providing the company signed letter of the needed request. Rewards will be issued to any name requested.
  • The company, university, embassy or may not join if it is travel agency, Ticket brokerage firm or consolidator
  • Joining the RJ corporate program does not deprive your company's employees of their individual membership with Royal Plus program.
  • Royal Jordanian is not responsible if the employee incurred the Miles for his personal account .The controller designated by your company should make sure that the Miles earned to the company's account.
  • To benefit from corporate plus advantages passengers must be traveling Royal Jordanian & oneworld alliance and holding a royal Jordanian ticket or oneworld tickets.
  • The validity of Miles accumulated is 30 months.
  • Royal Jordanian will not be responsible for late lost or misdirected mail.
  • Request for rewards should be submitted to FFP offices in Jordan or Royal Jordanian offices in other countries at least 14days prior to intended travel tickets.
  • Royal Jordanian does not assume responsibility for accommodation when travel is on award issued tickets.
  • Tickets issued at 25% discount or more will not earn any Corporate plus Miles.
  • Travel on redeemed or awarded tickets is not eligible to accrue Corporate plus Miles.
  • Additional fees, government charges and taxes due on awarded tickets are to be paid.
  • Flights flown prior to the date of enrollment will not be registered or accounted.
  • Member may make a retroactive claim to Royal plus section for Miles within six months of date on which the transactions took place .Member must provide tickets and boarding passes .Any transaction prior to enrollment is not eligible.
  • All awards are subject to availability .In case of unavailability or cancellation of a certain service, you will have to choose another award to be used within its specified validity period .Royal Jordanian or partners may from time to time impose a period in which no rewards will be available. The use of the reward ticket may not entitle the member to certain benefits which are associated with a full fare ticket.
  • Award tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-endorsable.
  • Royal Jordanian reserves the right at any time at its absolute discretion to refuse or revoke the membership of any applicant or member, to disqualify persons from further participation in this program, and/or to cancel all or part of the accumulated Miles.
  • Royal Jordanian reserves the right at any time to terminate, update, or change this program partially or completely, regardless of the accumulated Miles or awards entitled to the program's members, and without prior notification. In the event of program termination, all the Miles accumulated by members will be cancelled. Royal Jordanian will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting in any way from such termination, update or change.