Earn Miles

Earning Miles has never been so easy. As a Royal Plus member, you will earn Miles for each flight you make on RJ or any of our airline partners. You can also earn Miles through your every day activities with our non-airline partners. All these miles will make it easier for you to qualify for the award of your choice.

Earn Bonus Miles
Award Miles earned are calculated based on the distance traveled. However, you can increase your award miles earnings based on the class you choose to travel in along with the fare of the ticket you purchase. You can also enjoy additional bonus based on your membership tier; the higher your membership level, the higher your bonus

Tier Miles count towards your promotion to a higher tier level and get you a step closer to enjoy more rewards and extra benefits.

Cabin Earn Ratio RBDs Blue Silver Gold Platinum
Economy Saver 25% O,P,W 25% 40% 60% 75%
Economy Plus 50% L,V,S,N,Q 50% 65% 85% 100%
Economy Flexi 100% Y,B,H,,K,M 100% 115% 135% 150%
Business Saver 125% I 125% 140% 160% 175%
Business Plus 135% C,D 135% 150% 170% 185%
Business Flexi 150% J 150% 165% 185% 200%

Make Everyday Activities More Rewarding
Through our partnership with select banks and retailers, Royal Plus rewards you while on the ground and through your every day activities. Earn miles while shopping using a Royal Plus affiliated credit card or when shopping at any of our partner outlets around Jordan.

Ensure You Get Your Miles
Simply present your personal Royal Plus card at the time of check-in, whether in person or online, to make sure your miles are added to your account. If you forget to show your card at check-in, you can go online and login to your account to claim missing miles up to six months after the date of your flight if you have proof you were on the flight. Your account details, including a history of accrued and redeemed miles, can be found online so you can double check that all your miles are being credited to your account.

Miles earned must be redeemed within 30 months of them being credited to your account. Royal Plus will issue a mileage statement every four months to update you on the number of miles you have earned.

  • Economy class tickets purchased on “R” Class (Special Promotional Fare)  or “G” Class (Group Fare) are not eligible for Royal Plus Award Miles accruals