Family Link

Contrary to the Family Plus program, family members enrolled in Royal Plus can choose to link their accounts together in a way that would enable them to maintain their accrued miles and bonuses in their individual accounts and only transfer miles from one account to the other when required , and our Family Link  Program allows up to 6 family members

Relatives allowed Number of Nominees Minimum age Accrual on flights Charges applied 
spouse, children (above 12) , parents, brothers, sisters, stepparents, stepchildren , Parents in law, household maid 6 12 Years and above Miles are credited to each member individual account  Transfer fee of 1000 miles per transaction


    • The active Member can request for transferring Royal Plus Miles to pre-designated family member (spouse, children (above 12 years old) , parents, brothers, sisters, stepparent, stepchildren, parents in law, household maid) by writing to the Frequent Flyer Office. However the said transaction can only be allowed in the event that the per-designated family member is a current Member in the Program.
    • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, transferring Royal Plus Miles is only allowed in the event that (a) an Award is requested; and (b) the Royal Plus Miles in the account of the Member to whom the Royal Plus Miles are to be transferred, are not sufficient to entitle him / her for the requested Award.
    • RJ shall transfer the exact amount of Royal Plus Miles required for covering a certain Award and Member will be charged with 1000 miles from his / her Member Account, per each transfer which are not refundable.
    • No transfer of Royal Plus Miles is allowed towards upgrading the Membership tier level.
    • Any transfer or unauthorized use, procurement or redemption of Royal Plus Miles issued or awarded to another person or any other use of Royal Plus Miles contrary to these Terms and Conditions will constitute a breach of these Terms and Conditions entered into between RJ and the Member. Each Member acknowledges that the said breach may result into losses and damages to RJ and shall be considered as fraud and/or misconduct action.
    • Transferring Royal Plus Miles to any other airline is not allowed unless otherwise RJ and the relevant airline approve so.