Family Plus

Our new Family Plus Program allows up to 8 family members to pool their miles in one account; so whenever any member of the Family Plus account travels with RJ or any of our oneworld partner airlines, all miles he/she earns goes to the Family Plus Head Account.

Family Members enrolled in a Family Plus account will continue to receive the tier miles and bonus they earn and will carry on receiving all their personal tier benefits. They will also be eligible for promotion to higher Royal Plus tiers and all the benefits of these tiers.

  • Any existing or new Royal Plus member aging 21 years old and above may start a Family Plus account and may nominate a minimum of two members and up to eight members to pool their Award Miles into this account
  • The member who started the account would be referred to as the Head of the Family Plus account.
  • Any member who is part of Family Plus account will be referred to as Family Plus member.
  • The Head along with the members of the Family Plus Account are entitled to accrue Miles on Royal Jordanian and with all Program Partners.
  • Only Spouse or children who are at least two years of age may be nominated as a Family Member, also household can be included in family plus.
  • The Head of the Family Plus account has to obtain the written approval of his spouse or any member of 18 years old or above to include them in the Family Plus account.
  • Once the Head of Family Plus account has earned Miles by flying his first Royal Jordanian flight, his membership along with the Family Plus account will be activated.
  • One Head of Account should be defined upon registration
  • Award miles of the Head and Family Members will AUTOMATICALLY pool in the Family Plus Account, whereas Tier Miles will go to the Family Member account.
  • The Head of family Plus Account cannot be changed.
  • Only the Head of the Family Plus account can request redemption or awards in exchange of award miles pooled in the Family Plus Account.
  • Upon nomination, each family member will receive his/her own Membership Card. It is the Member's responsibility to ensure that the family membership number is provided at the time of making a reservation and while checking in, or utilizing the services of Royal Jordanian or any of our oneworld partners.
  • Any replacement of a family member in a family plus account before 12 months is allowed provided that a 2000 Award Miles to be deducted from head account.
  • All correspondence relating to Family Plus account status or activities will be addressed to the Head of Family Plus account.
  • Royal Plus may accept or reject any application for family members, and may cancel any Member's account in the event of failure to comply with the terms and conditions
  • Once a family member reaches 18 years old, he/she can de-link from the Family Plus account and may start earning miles in his/her individual account.
  • To de-link from a Family Plus account, The Family Member has to complete the de-link request by sending an email it to, or submit it at any Royal Jordanian office, along with a copy of his/her ID/Passport.
  • The Miles earned prior to de-linking will remain in the main Family Plus account. After de-linking, the family member can continue to use his/her existing membership number and membership card to earn Miles when they travel with Royal Jordanian or our oneworld partners.