Family Plus

Our Family Plus Program allows up to 9 family members to pool their miles in one account; so whenever any member of the Family Plus account travels with RJ or any of our oneworld partner airlines, or earn miles through any of our non-airline partners, all miles he/she earns goes to the Family Plus Head Account, and 100% of earned miles goes to the Family Plus Head Account.

Relatives allowed Number of Nominees Minimum age Accrual on flights
Spouse, Children, Parents of Head, Stepparents , Stepchildren , Household maid 9 2 Years and above 100% of miles are credited to the head account
 Minimum age to enroll
  • Family Members enrolled in a Family Plus account will earn tier miles and segments for the flights they make to help them qualify to a higher tier, and will be eligible to the benefits associated with their tier.
  • Family Members allowed to enroll in a Family Plus Account (Spouse, children (2years and above), Parents of head, stepparents, stepchildren, household maid)

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