Royal Plus - Overview

Designed around our passengers and tailored to their travel preferences, the revamped Miles based Royal Plus Program emphasizes the airline’s vision of enhancing passengers’ travel experiences by delivering quality services, more rewards and extra flexibility, all with the personal touch which is a hallmark of RJ.

Tiers Structure
The new Tiers structure makes it easier for our members to qualify to the higher tiers based on either the miles they accumulate or the number of segments they travel. It also makes it easier for them to maintain their tier for another year.

Tiers Structure

Tier Qualification Tier Maintenance
Tier Miles Segments Miles Segments
Silver 15,000 14 12,000 12
Gold 40,000 35 60,000 50
Platinum 100,000 80 120,000 110

Earning Miles
As a Royal Plus member, you will earn Miles with each flight activity you make based on the route you fly, the fare of the ticket you purchase and the class you choose to travel in. In addition, you can earn bonus miles with our new Tiers Bonus and Class Bonus schemes 1.

Redeem Miles
You can redeem your miles for awards from Royal Jordanian or for travel on any of our oneworld partners.

Family Program
Pool your miles along with those of other members of your family in one account under Family Plus or link your account to that of another member of your family through Family Link .


1 Economy class tickets purchased on “R” Class (Special Promotional Fare)  or “G” Class (Group Fare) are not eligible for Royal Plus Award Miles accruals or for upgrade to Crown Class using Royal Plus Miles.