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Dear RJ partners and travel agents,

Royal Jordanian Booking Systems are programmed to provide the best availability for its flights through different GDSs. As all booking activities for RJ flights take effect on these systems via RJ’s inventory. Booking activities are monitored by an auditing program. This is to ensure the integrity of Royal Jordanian’s inventory for the benefit of passengers, travel agents and Royal Jordanian itself.

Abiding by this Booking Policy and the consequences of violation apply for every entity accessing Royal Jordanian Inventory and Reservation System. These entities include IATA and Non-IATA and ARC and Non -ARC agents accredited travel agents using any of the GDSs.

This document explains the rules that Royal Jordanian applies to ensure proper booking activities. Violations of these rules may lead to Agent Debit Memos (ADM) or invoices, or ultimately disconnection from accessing Royal Jordanian Inventory and Reservation System.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

For any questions regarding the Booking Policy; Kindly contact your local RJ Sales Team

 RJ Booking Policy  English Version (PDF)

 RJ Booking Policy  Arabic Version (PDF)