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Family Club  

Our Family Club Program allows up to 9 family members to pool their miles in one account. So whenever any member of the Family Club account travels with RJ or any of our oneworld airline partners, or earns award miles through any of our non-airline partners, 100% of earned award miles goes to the Family Club Head Account, thus allowing all Family Club members to qualify for the award of their choice faster.

Nevertheless, Family Club members will continue to earn tier miles and segments for the flights they make in their account, and they will carry on receiving all their personal tier benefits. They will also be eligible for an upgrade to higher Royal Club tiers and all the benefits associated with these tiers.

Relatives Allowed

Number of Family Members

Minimum Membership Age

Miles Accrual Ratio

Spouse(s), Partner, children (above 2 years old), parents, siblings, stepparents, stepchildren, parents-in-law, and one household help.

8 members Plus the Head

2 years and above

100% of earned award miles are credited to the Family Club Head Account

  • Any existing or new Royal Club member aging 21 years old and above, may start a Family Club account and may nominate up to eight family members to pool their Award Miles into this account.
  • The member who started the account will be referred to as the Head of the Family Club account.
  • Any member who is part of a Family Club account will be referred to as Family Club member.
  • The Head along with the members of the Family Club account are entitled to earn Miles on Royal Jordanian and with all Program Partners.
  • Upon nomination, each Family Club Member will receive his/her own Membership Card.

Transferring miles between the head of the Family Club account and the Family Club members is at no cost when done online**. All you have to do, is log-in to your Royal Club membership account through rj.com and follow the steps:

  • Proceed to “Manage Miles”.
  • Select “Transfer Miles” from the drop down list.
  • Go to “Relationship Type” and select “Family Club”.
  • Select the member name from the drop down list under “Members in Relation”.
  • “Transfer to” box will be automatically filled with the Royal Club ID number of the recipient.
  • Add the amount of miles you wish to transfer to the related account.
  • Proceed by clicking on the “Transfer Miles” button.     

However, members who choose to do the transfer through any of RJ Sales Offices or Call Center would be charged a fixed fee of USD 10.00 per transfer regardless of the number of miles transferred.

**The head can transfer a minimum of 1,000 miles and a maximum of 200,000 miles per transaction.
*Family Club members cannot receive miles from or transfer miles to other Royal Club members that are not part of the same Family Club account.