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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The land of pearls, sand dunes and deer

Flights to Abu Dhabi with Royal Jordanian

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Abu Dhabi rose from the depths of the pearly Persian sea to scrape the sky

The word nature is usually associated with the color green, but the golden sands and mangroves are another form of nature that you can enjoy in Abu Dhabi while hopping from one manmade wonder to another.

Liwa Oasis: Located in the south of Abu Dhabi, this oasis settlement is noted for its date farming and being one of the largest sand dunes in the world. Pay it a visit to enjoy riding dune buggies, go camel trekking and try sand surfing.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: It is the most popular sightseeing attraction in the city. The mosque is a blend of Mameluke, Ottoman, and Fatimid design elements. It contains glass-work, mosaic tiling, and intricate carvings; giving it a marvelous effect on both the interior and exterior, all of which took 20 years of construction to complete. Visitors are allowed into all areas of the mosque, including the vast library, and guided tours are available.

Ferrari World: This theme park suits families and thrill seekers alike, children can test out driving skills on the Junior GT track and adults can buckle up and ride the Flying Aces rollercoaster, the tallest in the world. A collection of Ferrari's cars is also available with models dating back to 1947. You can also take a Ferrari factory tour and participate in a Ferrari knowledge game show if you are a true car enthusiast.

Travel to the historical sites in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi acts as a bridge between the past and future, and one can explore this bond in a myriad of historical sites which include:

Qasr Al-Hosn: This palace, which is also the Old Fort or the White Fort, was built in 1793 to serve as the seat of government and the residence of the ruling family. Qasr Al-Hosn is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi and one of its major historical points of interest. It is now used as a museum that traces the history and culture of Abu Dhabi, with plenty of historical photographs on display. When you are there look for the palace’s most notable features, the courtyard and the magnificent tile work situated over the main northern gate.

Al Jahili Fort: It is one of the most historical buildings in the United Arab Emirates. Built in 1891, for the purpose of defending Abu Dhabi’s precious palm groves. The fort was also used to enforce peace in the area at the time and protect the mountain passes. Situated in Al Ain, the fort showcases the interesting work of British traveler Sir Wilfred Thesiger, old photographs he took and maps of the area, it also displays travel trinkets used by the explorer.

Heritage Village: This village is not historical per se but is an authentic replica of a typical Bedouin village that gives visitors an idea of the history and life of UAE before the oil boom, when pearl trading was the country’s source of income. The village is located in a pretty beach area of the city, the exhibits there feature the traditional day-to-day objects, workshops where you can watch craftspeople demonstrating the Emirati weaving skills and metal work. There, you can get to know the pearl diving trade a little bit closer!

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