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Bagdad, Iraq

The birthplace of Sinbad, and the richest city of the world for 2 centuries

Flights to Baghdad with Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian offers flights to Baghdad, Baghdad International Airport. You may purchase your ticket directly from this page and travel to experience a city with a glorious past that could still be experienced in the present.

Royal Jordanian offers comfortable direct flights to travel to Baghdad with affordable rates. Moreover, it ranks among the 20 safest airlines in the world! Don't forget that you can also take advantage of our Happy Friday offers to get your tickets at a discounted rate!

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Baghdad, the beating heart of the oldest cradle of civilization

The capital of Iraq is where a person should go to explore the hidden treasures of time

Souqs and Bazaars: Located in Al-Rashid Street, a variety of specialized marketplaces for your souvenir of choice. One of the interesting ones is the Coppersmith Souq where you can hear copper pitchers and pots being created and carefully crafted using the same old traditional ways.

Travel to historical sites in Baghdad

Baghdad was established in the 8th century AD in a land that housed a wide diversity of races, religions, and cultures, which makes it rich with historical places to see, which include:

Al-Mustansereyya School: The school that taught astronomy, mathematics, pharmacology, and medicine was famous for its clock which told the hours astronomically. Besides telling the hours, it also specified the position of the sun and the moon at every hour. It has also been the most prominent and esteemed university in the world of Abbasids.

The Abbasid Palace: It is the only Abbasid palace left in Baghdad. Built in the 12th century, the Abbasid Palace is an icon of great architecture and glorious history. It is also believed that it was the house of the Sharbiya School mentioned by old Arab historians.

Khan Murjan: Built in 1358 AD, Khan Murjan used to be Baghdad’s first inn for traveling merchants but has transformed now into a first-class restaurant. The khan contains a large number of rooms distributed on two stories around a closed paved courtyard. Khan Murjan is a stunning marvelous piece of architecture that one has to witness firsthand.

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