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Cairo, Egypt

The city of Pharos, Kushari and Naguib Mahfouz

Flights to Cairo with Royal Jordanian

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Cairo, a place your mind needs to see and your heart needs to hear

Cairo has existed for over 1000 years, and it has been shaped by constant winds of change that made it very rich in terms of culture, intellect, art, entertainment, and life experiences in general. It does not take long to notice it. Here are some of the places to travel to enjoy first hand these experiences:

Khan el-Khalili: is a souk that is over 600 years old and is still filled with life that flows like waves hitting the sides of architectural and cultural treasures. Built in the Fatimid Cairo, it is one of the main attractions for tourists and has been the inspiration for many Egyptian writers like Naguib Mahfouz who wrote a novel that holds the same name as the Souk and whose events take place in the souk.

Time in the Nile: Who does not know The Nile? The longest river in the world beautifully flows through the city and is so massive it humbles the human being. You will be taken out of this world as you go on a sunset cruise from Garden city residential district in Cairo, which is one of the many beautiful districts in Cairo that are also worth exploring, such as Al-Zamalek.

Downtown: If you read the history of Egypt, you will know how wealthy and ahead of its time it once was. A day spent in the downtown will definitely give you an idea of this fact. You will witness the very old but renovated Belle Époque fabulous buildings, dine at famous local restaurants, buy authentic leather wears and linens made with infamous Egyptian cotton, after you are done, you will have the pleasure of having tea, coffee, or beer in one of the most famous, old and humble coffee shops there, Café Al-Hurriyah.

Travel to historical sites in Cairo

Cairo is the heart of one of the most ancient and active kingdom’s and nations in the world, Egypt. A lineage of majestic people and culture that is still present for the world to experience, expressed in major historical sites which include:

The Great Pyramids of Giza: Subject of many movies and archeological research, they are the oldest of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World and the only one still existing. They still hold unrevealed mysteries that await your curious self.

Wikalat al-Ghuri: Completed in the early 1500s, it is an intact and well-preserved caravanserai complex in the medieval center of Cairo. It holds lots of history and beauty that comes to life 3 days a week with drum dancing parties.

The Egyptian Museum: Founded in 1857 in Downtown Cairo, it contains an absolutely bewildering collection of antiquities which makes it one of the world's great museums. Its crown jewel would be the Tutankhamun Galleries, which showcases the treasures that were found in Tutankhamun’s tomb, and is considered the largest and richest assemblage of goods ever found intact in an Egyptian tomb.

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