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Dammam, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi mermaid of the Eastern Province.

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Dammam, the pristine shore behind the legacy of the Eastern province

The multiethnic melting pot of the Eastern Province has transformed Dammam into a mirage of ethnic cuisines, aquatic adventures, and recreational activities.

King Abdullah Park: The largest park of Saudi Arabia is situated on the seafront in Dammam. It comprises modernized design of green spaces, waterfalls, children’s playgrounds, flirtatious fountains, and lakes. Within the serenity of the park, visitors seeking an adrenaline rush could dare into the 25 sides of the colossal amusement park. After a long day of mixed greens and chaotic screams, visitors can rejuvenate in the versatile restaurants and recap their memorable escapades.

Al Marjan Island: This piece of heaven, is a man-made island connected to the Dammam pier by a bridge. Tourists and residents can experience exhilarating ferryboat rides, go for a fishing splurge, and indulge in a barbeque picnic along the green space. For a soothing weekend, Al Marjan Island should be underlined in red on your bucket list.

Half Moon Bay: Dammam’s touristic hotspot lies within this sublime beach bay, which gets its prominent name from its intriguing half-moon shape. In addition to its azure water and mesmerizing white sands, visitors can explore the aquatic beauty through the diving facilities of the artificial reef. For visitors who long for on-ground adventures, the amusement park offers an enthralling array of activities. Don’t forget to visit the Alkhleej Makarim Village, to indulge in luxurious full packaged half – moon vacation.

Dammam Corniche: In addition to the panoramic view of the breathtaking cityscape, the corniche is the popular hotspot for national celebrations and annual Eid ceremonies. Such occasions adorn the Corniche with flashy lights and ornaments that resonate of the Saudi culture. Visitors can also immerse themselves in recreational activities and water sports, hosted by the private clubs of the dynamic Corniche.

Travel to the historical sites in Dammam

Dammam is a historical hallmark that bridges the heritage of all the Eastern Province, with enduring monuments as early as the pre-Islamic age.

Heritage Village: This historically significant 5 - story building, resembles an Arabian castle of the Saudi Kingdom. The designer Saad Al Balahi pursued a 15-year travel journey, in an attempt to collect remnants of the Saudi civilization. Consequently, the heritage museum reflects the Saudi civilizations of Najd, Aseer district, Al Baha, and Eastern province. Different halls house Islamic artifacts, antique weapons, manuscripts, and documentaries that merge the past with the present. Visitors can even explore the cultural food and traditional lifestyle of several Saudi regions through the village’s oriental restaurant.

Tarut Castle: Towards the North of Dammam, travel to the Tarut island houses a historic landmark known as the Tarut castle. Residents of the island built this castle between 1515 – 1521 AD, to protect their land from Portuguese invasions. The ancient Tarut castle is situated on top of a hill and comprises four towers that encapsulate a courtyard. Within the courtyard, lies a deep well that functioned as a water supply for the fortress. Many archeological relics such ancient weapons have been discovered within this castle, and have been preserved across several Saudi museums.

Dammam Regional Museum: This museum preserves the heritage of the Eastern province, from the pre-Islamic eras of the Stone age, up until the Islamic eras of the present day. It’s six intricate halls house an array of historical vestiges such as Islamic artifacts, ancient weapons, traditional costumes, old coins, and jewelry. This regional museum will truly show you an enlightening path down the history of Dammam.

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