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Istambul, Turkey

A modernized skyline that resonates of historical empires and architectural triumphs.

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Istanbul, a fusion of modernization and cultural heritage

Within the modernized corners of the shops, museums, and restaurants of Istanbul resides a Turkish identity that never ceases to exist.

Taksim square: Known as the symbolic heart of Istanbul, this trendy destination portrays a modern intake of traditional Istanbul. Pedestrian streets are flooded with mouthwatering food spots, ranging from sophisticated restaurants to traditional street foods and Turkish delights. Roads are bustling with transportation lines (metro, bus, and tram) so that visitors can effortlessly arrive at exotic souvenir shops. If you ache for a memorable nightlife experience, Taksim square will lavish you with chaotic pubs and clubs, the Turkish way.

Grand Bazaar: Being one of the largest and oldest markets in the world, the Grand Bazaar allures a staggering 250,000 visitors daily. This exhaustive interweb of 61 shopping streets and 5000 shops, offers its visitors a flabbergasting shopping experience. Every corner of the Grand Bazaar will fulfill your deepest yearnings, be it in the form of exquisite jewelry, antiques, hand-painted ceramics, spices, or even old coins.

Istanbul Modern: is a ravishing modern museum with a pervasive collection of contemporary art. To cater to a versatile range of artistic tastes, Istanbul Modern showcases the creative artwork of local and international artists. To maintain a multifaceted and interactive platform for art, ongoing permanent and temporary exhibition galleries are held, as well as social and educational programs. Enthusiastic visitors can also unravel in the museum’s library, cinema, or eatery.

Travel to historical sites in Istanbul

Istanbul, the metropolis of renowned empires, is embellished with historical monuments that include:

Blue Mosque: To proclaim Ottoman power, Sultan Ahmet constructed this architectural masterpiece (1609 – 1616) as a gift to the capital. The majestic mosque attained its name from the myriad of blue Iznik tiles adorning its interior walls and the stained-glass windows. Echoes of prayers still linger within the six minarets and layered domes, as this blue haven continues to function as a Muslim mosque today.

Topakpi Palace (Home of the Sultans): Serving as a prominent operation headquarters for the Ottoman empire, this exhaustive palace was constructed by Mehmet the Conqueror between 1465 - 1856. It is cascaded with a maze of buildings such as the imperial harem, palace kitchens, circumcision rooms, and the treasury. Consequently, this palace museum exhibits an awing collection of Islamic relics, calligraphic manuscripts, porcelain, clothing, and more importantly the dazzling 86 carat Spoon maker’s diamond.

Hagia Sophia: This historic monument symbolizes the religious assimilation of Constantinople, from Byzantine rule to Ottoman opulence. Constructed by the emperor Justinian between 532 – 537 AD, this Greek Orthodox cathedral depicted the Byzantine architectural proficiency due to its colossal dome and mosaics of biblical scenes. Yet, upon the Ottoman conquer, Hagia Sophia was converted into an imperial mosque that fostered a mihrab, minarets, and intricate Islamic calligraphy. By 1935, Hagia Sophia served as a museum and remains to be one of the most visited Museums in Turkey, today.

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