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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The beguiling urban gem of the Red Sea culture.

Flights to Jeddah with Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian offers flights to Jeddah, King Abdulaziz Airport. Purchase your ticket directly from this page and travel to discover the liberal cosmopolitan of coral Islamic architecture and modern lavishness.

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Ancient Jeddah is the heartbeat of modern Jeddah

Jeddah’s liberal culture has preserved its Islamic heritage while evolving its skyline and values into avant-gardism.

Jeddah Ghair Festival: The annual summer festival of Jeddah, is internationally renowned for its entertainment wonders. Fortunate visitors attending this festival will be flabbergasted by the concerts of famous Saudi celebrities, laser shows, gold and jewelry, folk art, traditional dishes, and literary exhibitions. The fireworks adorning the skies of this festival, along with its cultural diversity, will surely leave a euphoric imprint on visitors from all walks of life!

King Fahd Fountain: This grandeur monument was bestowed by King Fahd to the city and has awakened the inner child of every local and tourist. The tallest fountain in the world will surely bedazzle your senses, as it surges water to an impressive 305 meters, at a hefty pump of 233 mph. By sunset, the beauty of King Fahd fountain lingers across the skies of Jeddah, as 500 spotlights illuminate its glory.

Corniche: This ostentatious promenade is the heartthrob of Jeddah. Dedicated wholeheartedly to pedestrians, the dazzling waterfront is embellished with the flying mosque, chic restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues such as play parks, interactive water fountains, and art sculptures. For a bustling vibe of the Jeddah lifestyle, stroll along the Corniche and witness the chaotic jet ski skills of locals.

Souk Al Alawi: Within the heart of Jeddah, lies the market of pilgrims and merchants. From Arabian jewelry of coral to traditional Abayas and Islamic art, this elaborate souk offers visitors a unique glimpse into the Saudi hospitality. During hajj season, this colorful souk sprawls with multicultural footsteps, as the scent of Arabic spices and coffee beans tingles their senses.

Must see historical sites to travel to in Jeddah

Jeddah holds a cornucopia of Islamic history, as it represents the gateway to the holiest cities of Islam, Medina and Makkah.

The Gate to Makkah: For Muslim pilgrims who sought Arabia by sea, to travel to this historical remnant symbolized their gateway to holy Makkah during the 7th century AD. Situated on the eastern shore of the Red Sea, this gate also thrived as a major port for the Indian Ocean trade routes. The dual function of this historic vestige transformed Jeddah to a prosperous metropolis of Muslims and merchants from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Built as an arch above the road, the gate of Makkah comprises two tower houses embodying a stand for the holy book of Islam, the Quran.

Al Balad: The historical town of Jeddah’s heart was founded in the 7th century and is the epitome of the Saudi heritage. This ancient district is guarded by the renowned historical Jeddah wall, which was built by Prince Hussain Al Kurdi to protect the Red sea from attacks. Al Balad still booms with coral reefs of the Red Sea, old merchant houses such as Al Naseef, ancient mosques such as Al Shafei and Othman bin Affan, and the ancient Jeddah cemetery. Amidst the historical alleyways, vibrant doors of Mehrabian. and wood boxes of Roshans, lie traditional souks and sheesha cafes.

Al Taybat International Museum: This historical museum stretches an area of 10000 square meters, and encompasses 12 buildings, with 300 rooms. Each building is constructed using the Hijazi architectural style of ancient Jeddah. Whereas, each room exhibits over 6000 historical vestiges of Islamic manuscripts, furniture, tribal costumes, ancient pottery, and old coins. Al Taybat International museum is one of the prominent preservations of Saudi’s wealthy history.

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