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Kuwait, Kuwait

An Arabian gulf tale of how a war-torn city thrived into opulence.

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Kuwait City, a metropolis of prosperity and a trace of Arabian values

Despite being the world’s tenth richest country per capita, Kuwait City has retained authentic imprints of the gulf beauty.

Kuwait Tower: The three-tower national treasure, represents Kuwait’s economic resurrection towards modernity. The architectural structure of the monumental tower merges between traditional Islamic and modern designs. The main tower offers a generous variety of signature restaurants, cafes, and reception halls. Visitors can indulge their senses with a panoramic view of the crystal Gulf waters, through the revolving glass sphere of the tower. This overarching landmark is a must go destination, as it has been rated as an iconic building of modern Kuwait.

Al Kout Beach: This dreamy coastline resort will stimulate all your senses, with its sapphire waters, and golden sands. This popular beach destination offers visitors the luxury of plunging into soothing beaches, blazing pools, revitalizing sports, and chaotic clubs. Barbeque dashes in the serene breeze will entice you to have Alfresco meals, as the dancing fountain flabbergasts your being.

Green Island: This artificial island is a prominent holiday retreat in Kuwait City. The natural rocks adorning Green Island have been imported from the Al Fujairah Emirates, while the sands of its azure beaches have been imported from other countries. Countless entertainment services are available from an amphitheater to a touristic tower with an overhead water tank. Families can spend quality time over soap football, inflatable bouncing castles, outdoor picnic meals, and train rides. With 50,000 colorful shrubs around every corner, Green Island will surely arouse the inner peace within.

Historical sites in Kuwait city you must travel to

remnants of intolerable invasions and unearthly bravery embellish the rich heritage of this gulf country These historical sites include:

Grand Mosque: This magnificent landmark is the official mosque of Kuwait, and thus hosts the official religious celebrations of the country. Situated in the heart of Kuwait City, the Grand Mosque is renowned for its Islamic architecture, which spans an impressive 20,000 square meters. With a soothing color theme of beige, and four colossal chandeliers (weighing each the equivalence of a car), the main prayer hall can host approximately 10,000 men. Curious tourists will be provided with head scarfs and abayas, to explore the religious beauty of this sanctuary.

Kuwait House of National Works: The macabre Gulf war (1990 – 1991) still resonates in the Kuwait house of national works museum, as it pays tribute to the Kuwaiti soldiers who patriotically fought against Iraqi forces. The museum entails intricate models of historic buildings, grim replications of mortar attacks and machine gun firings. To mimic the atrocious war explosions, impressive light and sound effects are manipulated in the form of radio chatter, voice recordings, and gun blasts. This painstaking tour of history ends with authentic war relics such as the military documents, artillery, and mortars, uniforms, and mines.

Failaka Heritage Village: For an authentic “blast from the past” experience of the Kuwaiti Heritage, explore the unique segments of the Failaka village. Visitors can set foot into spacious houses, which resemble the ancient lifestyle of Kuwait. They can also roam into the Failaka stables, to ride majestic Arabian animals such as camels and horses. The legacy of Kuwaiti ancestors can be explored further in the Museum Palace of Sheikh Abdulla Al Salim AL Sabah. Apart from historic preservations, this village entails a Wanasa beach, which offers exotic water sports from jet skis to banana boat rides and fishing cruises. As the moonlight gleams on the beach water, scents of mouthwatering barbecues will truly seal your authentic experience of a Kuwaiti night

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