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London, United Kingdom

The land of Sherlock Holmes, fish & chips and Top Gear

Flights to London with Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian offers flights to London, Heathrow Airport. Purchase your ticket directly from this page and travel to explore the capital that created history and changed the world.

Royal Jordanian offers comfortable direct flights to London with affordable rates. Ranking among the 20 safest airlines in the world, you can take advantage of our Happy Friday offers to get your tickets at a discounted rate!

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Travel to London, a city of knights, countesses and modern diversity

Visiting London is like spending time with a man as old as Gandalf, you will not get enough of the fun, the witty humor, serious wisdom and centuries of national evolution. The minute you see it from the plane, you will feel like Bond… James Bond.

Trafalgar Square: It is the center of London and is home to different interesting sights and monuments, including Nelson's Column; Fourth Plinth, which showcases performances by contemporary artists; the National Gallery and the historical St Martin-in-the-Fields church. Then you can walk towards a waiting meal in Chinatown, take a picture with Big Ben and the House of Parliament, and watch the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace.

London Eye: Built in the year 2000, the wheel has 32 carriages and provides a 360-degree view of London for as far as 40 kilometers on a clear day. It takes 30 minutes to perform a full rotation. The London Eye is the most popular paid-for attraction in the UK and the distance it rotates each year is equal to the distance between London and Cairo.

The Lion King Musical Theater: An outstanding, creative and magical musical, The Lion King is London’s most popular musical. The setup, the performance, and the costumes are simply… breathtaking. Experiencing London’s theaters is a must, and The Lion King Musical will provide you with the ultimate of that experience.

Historical sites in London to visit

An eventful land of an ambitious nation, London has always been a key player and stage for a lot of the world’s history. Revisit history through:

The London Tower: Within the walls of this historical tower lies a history of Royal reign, you will be able to see the Crown Jewels, the prison cell of Sir Walter Raleigh and the Royal Armories. This historical site was once London’s first zoo as it housed within its fortified walls a variety of wild and wondrous animals which you will be able to learn of during your tour there.

Leadenhall Market: London was once called Londinium by the Romans who founded it. The market is built on the site of what was the center of Roman London. A tour there will allow you a glimpse into the Roman town which lies beneath the skin of proud Victorian structures.

House of Parliament: One of London’s most iconic buildings, the House of Parliament boasts stunning architecture. An accumulation of over 1000 years of history and modern-day politics showcased by this awe-striking edifice, gives you material to fold in your memories marked by your picture with Big Ben.

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