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Moscow, Russian Federation

The Land of Tolstoy, Swan Lake and Matryoshka dolls

Flights to Moscow with Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian offers flights to Moscow Domodedovo Airport. Purchase your ticket directly from this page and travel to a city rich with history and majestic landmarks.

Royal Jordanian offers comfortable direct flights to Moscow with affordable rates. Moreover, it ranks among the 20 safest airlines in the world! You can also take advantage of our Happy Friday offers to get your tickets at a discounted rate!

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Moscow, the city that can be a country on its own

Saint Basil’s Cathedral: The cathedral is located at the Red Square and is the ultimate symbol of Russia. The site was built with a style unique to Russian architecture, characterized by a crazy confusion of colors, patterns, and shapes. The construction was ordered in 1555 by Ivan the Terrible to mark the capture of Kazan from the Mongol forces. Until today, architectural specialists are unable to agree on the governing idea behind the structure. The eight churches built around a central ninth might represent the medieval symbol of the eight-pointed start, or be an homage to the churches of Jerusalem.

Bolshoi Theater: Rebuilt after a fire that preceded a hurricane, it is the oldest theater in Moscow. Beside its resident opera and ballet troupes that are rated among the finest in the world, it is also a piece of art itself.

Moscow Metro: using the metro to move around Moscow is an experience on its own. Built in 1935, it exceeds being one of the means of transportation, but rather a combination of marvelous and majestic architectural work.

Travel to the historical sites in Moscow

Moscow has always been a stage for distinctive historical events that still live on in landmarks you do not want to miss! These include:

The Red Square: Historically, the Square used to be a market and a place to congregate, celebrate and castigate. Soviet rulers chose the Red Square for their military parades. Nowadays, the Square is home to the corpse of Lenin, founder of the Soviet Union, as well as other communists leaders such as Stalin.

The Kremlin Walls and Towers: The Kremlin was erected during the reign of Grand Duke Ivan III, from 1485 to 1495. The red-brick walls contour the Kremlin hills and are punctuated by 20 defensive towers of varying heights and shapes. These towers have protected Moscow’s heart since medieval times.

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul: The cathedral is the oldest church in St. Petersburg and the second tallest building in the city. All the graves of the rulers of Russia since Peter the Great are hosted in the Cathedral. On the architectural level, the Cathedral was built following the early baroque style; marking a radical departure from traditional Orthodox churches.

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