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Paris, France

The land where artists, lovers and intellects dwell

Flights to Paris with Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian offers flights to Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport. Purchase your ticket directly from this page and you will travel to a romantic city that is full of historical landmarks.

Royal Jordanian offers comfortable direct flights to Paris with affordable rates. While ranking among the 20 safest airlines in the world, you will travel in comfort and safety. Remember that you may take advantage of our Happy Friday offers to buy your tickets at a discounted rate.

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Fall in love with Paris

Travel to Paris, the city of lights, love, and romance. It has a myriad of unique spots that can simply take your breath away – both you and your romantic interest!

Eiffel Tower: The Eiffel Tower was built to celebrate the centennial of the French Revolution and was at first considered a “monstrous structure” by Parisians. It later became a symbol of Romance and one of the most visited touristic monuments around the world. It offers a stunning view of the renowned Champ de Mars!

Montmartre: Montmartre is located on a hill in Northern Paris. It is the ideal place to enjoy a wonderful and panoramic view of the city. You may also take a romantic walk or sip on a cup of coffee in one of the many cafes along the sidewalk. You will simply feel rejuvenated!

The Wall of Love: This wall was created in 2000 by Frederic Baron and Claire Kito and is located in Jehan Rictus garden square in Montmartre. The phrase “I love you” is featured 311 times in 250 languages, including rare languages. What a better place to share your feelings with your loved one?

Historical sites in Paris

Paris is known for its distinctive historical sites that you don’t want to miss! These include:

The Louvre: The Louvre is a renowned historical monument located at the Louvre Palace, a fortress built in the 12th century. It is also the world’s largest art museum and includes eight curatorial departments. If you are into arts and history, you must visit The Louvre; however, you have to bear in mind that you may need a couple of days to get around it.

Triumphal Arc: The construction of the Triumphal Arc started in 1805 and ended in 1836, at the request of Napoleon I. This monument was erected in honor of those who fought for France, especially during the Napoleonic Wars. The names of generals who fought in these wars are engraved inside the Triumphal Arc and on top of it.

Panthéon: The construction of this grandiose building began in 1757 at the hands of French architect Soufflot to replace the old Church of Sainte-Geneviève, and with the intention to outdo the churches of St. Peter’s in Rome and St. Paul’s in London. The Panthéon illustrates the beginnings of Christianity and monarchy in France. During the French Revolution, the building was secularized and became dedicated to the memory of great Frenchmen.

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