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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, an Arabian heritage tale with a progressive skyline

Flights to Riyadh with Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian offers flights to Riyadh, King Khalid International Airport. Purchase your ticket here and travel to explore architectural relics within an ever-evolving nation.

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Riyadh, a luxurious haven with an Arabian twist.

Immerse yourself in the cultural merriments of Saudi, amidst Riyadh’s extravagant avenues and towers.

Al Janadriyah Festival: To celebrate the fortitude of the Saudi culture, this two-week festival embraces every province of the Kingdom. Under the breeze of early spring, each province pavilion features diverse activities from living history, military air shows, falconry, arts, and crafts, to camel racing and dancing. To satisfy your exotic taste buds, each pavilion entails unique cuisines of the Arabian Peninsula. Rejoice the Saudi culture with millions of other visitors who annually buzz Al Janadriyah festival.

Al Faisaliah tower: The curved pyramid design and colossal glass globe of this skyscraper, makes it one of the most celebrated touristic attractions in Riyadh. With 44 floors under its skyline belt, Al Faisaliah tower entails a five – star deluxe hotel, exalted business districts, a three-story shopping mall, exclusive restaurants, and a viewing platform that uncovers the hidden beauties of Riyadh.

Al Tahlia street: For a chic night out, hit the poshest street of Riyadh. The street of fine shopping and dining offers a versatile selection of boutiques, international restaurants, and modern cafes. By the evening, Al Tahlia street tends to bustle with lavish cars drifting around or with football fanatics waving their club scarfs. To experience a hip ambiance of Riyadh, Al Tahlia street is a must - go!

Historical sites in Riyadh you must travel to

Beneath the lavished skyline lies a deep heritage of Riyadh vestiges, which portray the historical evolvement of the Saudi nation today. These historical sites include:

Masmak Fortress: Riyadh’s most prized historical landmark was built by Prince Abdulrahman Bin Dabban in 1865. The fort tells a story of heroism, in which Al Saud recaptured this monument from the reign of Ibn Rasheed. The spearhead entrenched in the wooden gate of Masmak Fortress is a remnant of the historical birth of modern Saudi. Albeit, the Masmak Fort has been transformed into a museum within the King Abdul Aziz Historical center, its Palm tree gate, conical towers, and red bricks are still intact. The museum hosts diverse exhibitions of antique guns, traditional costumes, agricultural artifacts, and installations of traditional Saudi house (Diwan).

Diriyah: Garnishing the title of a UNESCO world heritage site, this historic capital used to be the original home of the Saudi Royal family. Diriyah represents a crossover between secular modernity and heritage preservations. Wandering through the alleys of its three quarters, Diriyah provides visitors with a “travel back in time” experience due to its mud-brick houses, geometric colorful doors, and city well. It also offers a modernized glimpse into the past, with its glass wall museums, terraces, restaurants, and shops.

National Museum of King Abdul Aziz Historical Center: This historic center paves an artistic path to the raw heritage of Saudi Arabia, with its awe-inspiring galleries and interactive displays. Arabian history is covered with an array of antiques, rock carvings, miniatures, and manuscripts. While the historical eras of the Arabian Peninsula are tackled using 180-degree film screens, and virtual visits. To depict the evolvement of the universe towards the modern age, eight halls of the museum are arranged in a historical sequence, with each hall entailing its own architectural design.

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