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Tunisia, Tunisia

A cosmopolitan of grandeur civilizations

Flights to Tunis with Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian offers flights to Tunis, Carthage International Airport. Purchase your ticket directly from this web page and travel to explore the cultural medley behind the city of aromatic jasmines and exotic alleyways.

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Tunis, a surrogate Europe with everlasting heritage.

Traces of the Phoenicians, Ottomans, Romans, and French eras have metamorphosed Tunis into a facade of modernity.

Bardo National Museum: Noted as one of North Africa's most prominent museums, Bardo is a testament to the Tunisian heritage. Visitors will be mesmerized with the largest mosaic collection in the world, awe-inspiring Punic jewels, and a gallery of Roman sarcophaguses and Christian baptisteries. For a virtual visit around all of the historical cities in Tunisia, simply wander through the Bardo national museum, as it showcases Carthage, Dougga, EL Djem's Colosseum, and the Arab medinas of Kairouan and Sousse.

Medina: At the heart of Tunis, lies an old city center with sprawling alleyways and vibrant doors. Medina’s historic generosity is apparent in the monumental mosques, mausoleums, hammams, and madrassas (Islamic schools). Stumbling across the old souks, visitors can purchase cultural souvenirs from woolen hats to shisha pipes, and then find their way to the tiled cafes of liveliness and chaos.

Sidi Bou Said: This Bohemian style village will leave you mesmerized with its vivid colors, of white walls contrasting against blue doors and Moucharabieh windows. Intertwined steps lead to gardens of Eden and Cliffside cafes. Due to its breathtaking beauty, Sidi Bou Said has blossomed into an inspiring sanctuary for renowned artists and writers. This seaside village will truly bring you a step closer to the authentic Tunisian spirit.

Historical sites to travel to in Tunis

The monumental architecture will give you a historic glimpse into the colonial epoch of Tunis. These historical landmarks include:

Carthage: Once a city of seafaring Phoenicians, the remnants of Carthage are now dispersed along the bay of Tunis. After being defeated during the third Punic war in 146 BC, this old city was reduced to marble rubble and plummeted columns. Yet due to their historical memorability, the ruins of Carthage have been listed in the UNESCO world heritage site.

Al Zaytuna Mosque: The oldest mosque of Tunis, lies within the heart of Medina. Its glorious architecture entails a grand prayer hall, a rooftop of intricate tile work, and a serene courtyard. Within the forest of columns, lie 160 authentic columns originating from the ruins of Carthage. Established in 732 AD, Al Zaytuna is known for embracing the first Islamic university, which graduated respected Islamic scholars such as Imam Mazari, and Tunisian poets such as Abou Qacem Echebbi.

Avenue Habib Bourguiba: Named after the national leader of the Tunisian independence movement, this political avenue is located in the Ville Nouvelle of Tunis. It houses historically significant treasures such as the Monumental Clock, Cathedral Saint Vincent de Paul, and the national theatre of Tunis. This broad avenue has been dubbed as the Champs Elysees of Paris, due to its east-west bombardment of chic street cafes and indulging shops.

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