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Seat Selection

With Seat Selection, we have made your flight arrangements more convenient and much easier. Whether you prefer an aisle or window, first row or exit seat, you can book it ahead of time with savings up to 30% online!

Chargeable Seats:

Seat selection

Chargeable seats vary depending on demand and schedules.

Chargeable seat categories:

-          Legroom Seat, includes Bulkhead and Exit

-          Preferred Seat

-          Standard Seat

Only RJ Operating Flights have chargeable seats.

Seat changes

Due to safety, security, and operational reasons, seat selection cannot be guaranteed. In such cases, Royal Jordanian Airlines will provide the most suitable alternative.

In the case of voluntary change, passenger will be seated in the same category of characteristics only.

Seat assignment is transferable to the new flight if possible, in the event of an involuntary change.

Passengers who purchase seat selection may only use it on the flight for which they purchased it and on their own behalf.


Emergency Exit seats

Safety & Security are above all!

In order to acquire an exit seat, the passenger must be physically and mentally capable of assisting the crew in an emergency.

Important Information: The check-in counter or flight attendants have the entire authority to switch the passenger’s seat to a non-exit seat if they don't meet the requirements for being seated in the exit seat. If the alternative seat is not a Legroom Seat.

- Passengers requesting exit seats should not be:

·         Under 15 years old.

·        Suffer from physical or mental disability to the point where they will struggle to move quickly if asked.

·         Blind or deaf, whether or not accompanied by a seeing eye or hearing dog.

·         Elderly or sick with difficulty in moving quickly.

·         Physically not capable of moving quickly or reaching and passing through the adjacent emergency exit.

·         Pregnant women.

·         Children (whether accompanied or not) and infants.

·         Adults with infants.

·         Child restraint device; not to be assigned in an emergency exit row, or the row forward or rear of an emergency exit row.

·         Inadmissible passengers, deportee and their escorts.

·         Passengers who are unwilling to assist in the event of an emergency.

·         Passengers who are not able to read English well enough to understand the instructions printed on the exit door and to follow hand signals or oral directions given by cabin crew.


Seat Refund Policy

  • Royal Jordanian holds sole discretion when deciding if a passenger meets the requirements to sit in an emergency exit seat.
  • Passengers not meeting the requirements will be offered another seat. Additional fees paid for emergency exit seats cannot be refunded.
  • Refunds cannot be processed for passengers who have canceled a chargeable seat. If a passenger changes their seat for a more expensive one, they will be required to pay the new fee. If a passenger changes their seat for a less expensive seat, no refund will be processed.
  • Passengers dissatisfied as a result of an involuntary seat change made before the flight may apply for a refund for their journey via our call center, Royal Jordanian Airlines Sales Offices, or any other channel they dealt with to purchase the service.
  • Passengers who purchase seat selection and then upgrade to Business Class cannot have their seat selection fee refunded.
  • Applications for refunds must be made within 48 hours of the irregular operation's occurrence.