Stemming from our belief that our employees are our greatest asset, and knowing that our company's success is driven by satisfied and loyal customers who are driven by satisfied and loyal employees, we are constantly developing and implementing practices that aim to maintain long-term happy employees to ensure their only concern that remains is taking care of our guests.

Understanding Our Employees' Needs
Royal Jordanian strongly believes in open communication and respects the right of all employees to speak freely with the management about their job-related issues. Our management team has always adopted an Open-Door Policy and is continuously committed to resolving each and every individual's concern in a timely and appropriate manner.

Not only has our effective communication strengthened our team bonds and produced a healthy, sincere and supportive working environment, it has also managed to ensure that our employees' needs are understood and met, and that each and every one of us has a coach who he/she can turn to at any time for support. Open communication has also continually provided us with varied opinions and ideas to enhance our customer service and business especially that we have been privileged in having a diverse family that possesses diverse mentalities and personalities.

Motivating and Valuing Our Employees
Royal Jordanian is constantly working to maintain a competitive and market-aligned Compensation and Benefits System in order to attract and retain a highly qualified and competent workforce. We value and motivate those who strive to make us a better company by fulfilling their positional duties.

Our comprehensive Compensation and Benefits System includes extra salaries, provident fund, profit sharing, bonuses, free tickets and cargo shipments and many more attractive advantages.

Caring For Our Employees' Well-Being
Our employees' well-being has always been our main focus. We strive to realize it through maintaining a healthy, safe, secure and stress-free work environment. Our Safety and Security measures, regulations and awareness sessions ensure that accidents are limited to the very minimal, and that even when these accidents occur, the well-being of our employees is not jeopardized.

We try to go even further and maintain our employees' well-being outside the workplace by providing a comprehensive Medical Insurance Coverage for them and their family members including children, spouses and parents. Our Medical Insurance Coverage has a wide range of clinics and medical centers that are distributed in most residence areas for ease of access. Coupled with this coverage is the Life Insurance Policy we provide to our employees and their beneficiaries in the unfortunate events of death and disability.

Rewarding Our Employees
As part of our employee retention plan, we have developed performance-based individual and team rewards which are distributed regularly to outstanding employees who exceed expectations and exhibit exemplary positive attitude. These incentive programs motivate our staff to give a hundred and ten percent when performing their duties and provide an environment where each employee understands the real importance of his/her job and feels valued and recognized for his/her actual contributions, which results in great pride and enthusiasm in the workplace.

In addition to our reward programs, we have placed significant efforts to objectify our Annual Performance Appraisal through setting goals and objectives for our employees while monitoring and guiding them to achieve these set goals throughout the whole year. Our supervisors and managers discuss with their team members their current level of job performance, their achievement and fulfillment of the described job duties, future approaches for meeting the set goals, and encourage and recognize their skills and attributes.