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A feast of delicious and healthy choices, sumptuous food and an elegant setting… this is what Crown Dining is all about. Every detail in the service, presentation and flavor has been assembled for you to savor the true essence of Crown Dining. Prepared with you in mind, our tasteful meals will satisfy even the most distinguished of palates.

We want to take your taste buds on a journey as well. The newly introduced appetizer and dessert plates were carefully selected to pair well with the choices of hot meals RJ serves on board to ensure that all flavors suit different tastes.

The superior appetizers on Crown Class offer two choices: Arabic mezze and Western hors d'oeuvres. They consist of a variety of meat and succulent seafood choices, whereby we offer a plethora of options such as smoked salmon, shrimps, calamari and roast beef, or stuffed vine leaves, tabbouleh, shankleesh and mutabbal.  


A Complete Menu

As part of RJ’s traditional hospitality, we are pleased to offer you a menu comprising of a full range of finely crafted meals made of quality ingredients to satisfy your taste for distinctive dining. Got a taste for international cuisines? We certainly deliver! Missing the mouth-watering aroma of our local dishes? We’ve got that too! We are excited to offer you fresh choices each time you fly by, changing menu items often to give you the chance to try many of our expertly crafted recipes. Frequent fliers will inevitably see the creativity of our menu planners in the variety of seasonal items we offer, to suit all dietary needs and complete with a choice of soft & hard beverages. Choose from one of your favorites or dare try something new and exotic!


Crown Meals

Crown meals to make it more ideal! On every flight, we serve a wide array of complimentary meals, drinks and snacks. For medium and long-haul flights, our savory crown meals consist of four courses paired together to create a flavorful, well-rounded meal. Starting with a tasty appetizer, followed by a seasonal salad to accompany your preferred main course of either beef, chicken, fish or pasta. Finally, we round it out with a delightful dessert to sweeten your taste buds. We also offer a fresh and tasty secondary service on long haul flights only.


If it’s a short flight, we’ll still make sure you have time to enjoy some of our mouthwatering three-course meals which consist of a fresh seasonal salad, Arabian mezze as an appetizer and a delectable dessert. On morning flights, we are happy to fill your stomachs with a hot breakfast plate, savories and Danish pastries!


To ensure the comfort and satisfaction of all our passengers, you can also select a meal from our “special request menu”, which has been designed to meet religious or dietary preferences. *