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With a bit of extra care and preparation, women with complication-free pregnancies may fly onboard our flights.

Prior to the 28th week of Pregnancy:All pregnant women  are advised to consult their doctors/medical practitioners before traveling. 

On  the 28th week of Pregnancy and beyondPregnant women traveling on their 28th week and beyond need to submit a certified medical report from their attending Gynecologist written within seven days prior to the date of travel and this report must be approved by Royal Jordanian Medical Adviser.

To obtain the needed approval you may contact Royal Jordanian Call Center at : 0096265100000 or you can email our Special Assistance Coordinators at rjsacs@rj.com.

or you  can download this form and have your attending Gynecologist to fill it and then forward it to Special Assistance Coordinators at rjsacs@rj.com


Pregnant women with multiple pregnancy (twins or more) after their 34th week will not be accepted to travel.

All Pregnant women in their 36th week of pregnancy and on forward will not be accepted to travel on board Royal Jordanian flights.

Medical Report Guidelines:

 Medical Reports submitted to RJ should have the following:

  • Age of the pregnant woman.
  • State if the pregnancy is single or multiple.
  • State the number of weeks of pregnancy (Gestational age in week).
  • State the Expected Date of Delivery.
  • State Any complications during pregnancy
  • State if the pregnant woman is fit to fly.
  • Report should be issued 7 days before the travel date.

Tips to Increase Comfort Onboard

  • Be careful with your luggage as heavy lifting during pregnancy should be avoided.
  • Wear your seatbelt low around the pelvis.
  • Walk around the plane at regular intervals throughout the flight.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the flight and avoid eating “heavy” foods which can lead to stomach cramps through prolonged immobility.