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Airbus A319

The Airbus A319, a large, narrow-body, single-aisle aircraft, exceeds our passengers' expectations for comfort and service on our short and medium-length flights within the Levant and to Europe. Even on short trips, all passengers are treated to a full range of amenities, and seating designed to ensure an enjoyable flight.
Technical Data
Maximum Takeoff Weight 75500 KG
Maximum Fuel 23860 L
Maximum Range 2300 NM
Speed 960 Km/Hr
Span 111'3"
Length 110'9"
Tail Height 38'87"

Internal Structure
Crown Class 14 Seats
Crown Class Row 1-4
Seat Spacing 46"
Economy Class 96 Seats
Economy Class Row Rows 7-22
Seat Spacing 32" & 33"