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Supporting Allgau Orient Rally

The Allgäu-Orient Rally, organized by the German charity society Allgäu-Orient-Rallye, is one of the most famous automobile adventures in the world.

RJ offered a 50% discount on 12 tickets for participants in the rally – members of the Amman Riders team – which helped them participate in the rally that started in the south of Germany, passed through 10 European countries and ended in Turkey. The RJ discount was given on Amman-Frankfurt and Istanbul-Amman routes.

The head of the rally committee/Jordan Sakher Al Fayez and the head of Amman Riders Fadi Al Abbasi visited RJ offices and thanked the airline for its support for the rally, given ever since its beginning, 10 years ago. Al Fayez presented a plaque to colleague Zeina Zananiri from the Commercial Department, thanking RJ for facilitating bookings and for the ticket discounts it offers participants in the rally.