Travel Document Requirements
Having all the correct documents ready upon check-in and arrival will help you move through the process with Royal Jordanian in a smooth and efficient manner. Before you fly, prepare all the necessary documents to ensure you do not have any hassles along the way.

To avoid delays and frustration, it is always good practice to ensure that you have all the necessary documents with you that you will need for your journey prior to departing for the airport.

These documents include:

Your ticket (either a regular ticket or an electronic ticket)

  • Regular Ticket 
    Please make sure that you have your ticket when you are traveling, and that you have read and fully understood all terms and conditions.
  • Electronic Ticket
    An electronic ticket is a record stored in the system that indicates your ticket and your record reference number. However, it is necessary for you to have your reference number and/or receipt with you, as well as a proof of identity document.

A Valid Passport

Certain countries require that passports must be valid for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival or beyond the period of intended stay.


  • Photographic identification for domestic flights.
  • Children, infants, and unaccompanied minors:
    Children and infants must be accompanied by an adult who is more than 18 years old, or must be traveling with an organized group that has the child's name(s), purpose of travel, date of birth, etc. 
    Unaccompanied children are required to be accompanied by a guardian or an RJ escort.

A Valid Visa
Some countries and territories require an entry visa for persons of several nationalities when visiting their territories. To ensure a trouble-free journey, please make absolutely sure you have a valid visa if needed.

New Passport Regulation for Children traveling from/to any European Union member countries

EU new travel rule requires for EU children to hold their own EU passport or ID form from 26th of June 2012, with the following consequences:

  • From 26th of June 2012, it will no longer be possible to add children to the EU passports of their parent(s) or guardian.
  • On 26th of June 2012, all existing additions of EU children and EU child stickers will cease to be valid.
  • The expiry of the validity of the additions of EU children and EU child stickers on 26th of June 2012 will not affect the validity of the EU passports of the parent(s) or guardian to which they were added.

The applications determined above are valid only for EU member countries' citizens when entering only to EU member countries or/and departing from EU member countries.