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Royal Jordanian Shareholders

We view the community around us as family, and we work hard to support them in many ways. Our operations in Amman provide employment for more than 4,000 Jordanians directly. By using companies based in Jordan, as part of our global network of suppliers and partners, we indirectly create thousands of more jobs in the country.

Connecting Globally
In honor of King Hussein's original vision for the airline, we continue to create bridges connecting Jordanians with the global community. The aim of these bridges is to increase the impact Jordanian's have internationally.

  • Our services reflect the nature and traditions historically modeled by Jordanians.
  • The modern technologies we use reflect the advancements our country is quickly making.
  • Our network of flights, directly and through our oneworld alliance partners, connects Jordan to more cities, business and financial centers, than ever before.
  • We actively encourage participation in international events. Our contribution enables Jordanians, particularly young people, to take part in events for the arts, culture, sport and more, as well as training opportunities.

An Active Corporate Citizen
As a responsible corporate citizen we are involved in a variety of activities that engages our community, both locally and abroad. We choose our sponsorship and participation role based on the value, benefits and sustainability we perceive an event will have for these communities. We are proud to continue displaying our name and logo in various ways with the following social activities and causes:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Sporting Events
  • Educational Endeavors
  • Health Initiatives
  • Community Events and Programs