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At RJ, we aim to serve our loyal customer base beyond what is required or expected of us by perceiving your needs through listening to your feedback. We realize that it is your choice to give us your business, and we see it as our responsibility to make that the right choice each time you make it. We take the time to receive customer input when designing our services, creating a personalized experience centered around your needs.

Planning and Booking Services
We have created a system that provides passengers with the convenience they need to make the pre-boarding process hassle free. Avoid long lines at airport counters by using one, or all, of our convenience services.

  • Our online services provide you the means to interact directly with us from the comfort of your home or the convenience of your office. At rj.com you can book flights, check-in, print your boarding pass, and more. Make our online services even more convenient by creating a customer profile to allow our website services to remember your preferences and suit your specific needs.
  • Centrally located, our City Terminal in Amman offers an easy to use alternative for those traveling from Queen Alia International Airport. Our knowledgeable staff can help plan your itinerary, book flights, check-in baggage, and obtain your boarding pass. These services are available from 4 to 24 hours prior to departure. We also provide a shuttle service to QAIA from here.
  • We have sales offices located throughout Amman, other centers in Jordan, and around the world. Conveniently situated at major airports, these offices provide services to assist you with booking your itinerary and answering any inquiries you may have regarding travel with us.
  • We operate a call center, through which you can plan your trip, take care of booking procedures, and find up to date information on your flights. These services are offered in English and Arabic, and are available 24 hours a day.
  • Checking in at an airport has never been easier than with our self-check-in kiosks. Avoid the lines waiting at the counter and speed through the process by completing check-in yourself.

Onboard Services
“Welcome aboard” is more than just a greeting. It is the attitude each of our onboard staff hold towards passengers flying in their care.

  • With an onboard staff renowned for their attentive hospitality, we are just the push of a button away from fulfilling your needs.
  • Passengers expecting the little touches that make flying more comfortable will not be disappointed. Extra blankets and pillows, refreshments, and an interactive in-flight entertainment system and programming give you everything you need to sit back, relax and enjoy your flying experience.
  • Alpha Catering, our partner in providing passengers with a complete menu to choose from, is committed to creating delicious and unique meals not often seen on an airline.

Safety and Regulations
Comfortable and convenient services mean nothing without peace of mind. Your safety is our utmost concern, and we comply with all international safety regulations on all our aircraft and flights, often surpassing what is lawfully required of us.

Maintaining Safety Standards

  • Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Limited (JorAMCo) carries out all maintenance and service requirements for our entire fleet. Renowned for their world-class trained staff, exceptional standards and state-of-the art equipment, our fleet and its precious contents couldn't be in better hands.

Connected to Your World
Our network of destinations and travel routes connects you to your world. Through direct flights and partnerships we carry you where you need to be. Get where you want to be when you want to be there through our timely flight schedule and connections.

54 Destinations
Spread over four continents, our direct routes take you to 54 sought after destinations. We reach all the major international business centers, as well as some of the world's most popular travel and leisure locales.

  • Highlight business destinations here.
  • Highlight travel destinations here.

oneworld Membership
oneworld is a leading global alliance of airlines and travel services, and we are proud to be a full-fledged member airline. We pass all the benefits of membership in the oneworld alliance on to our passengers.

  • 11 partner airlines, all constantly growing, connecting you to more than 800 destinations, with a schedule of flights that means a connection is always ready and waiting.
  • Loyalty programs and Crown Class benefits carry over on partner flights and lounges.

Our Fleet
RJ meets the needs of today's traveler with its ultra-modern fleet of more than 25 aircraft. Demonstrating cutting edge innovations and state-of-the-art technology, our fleet provides a travel experience of complete ease, relaxation and safety to more than 54 destinations across four continents.

  • Comprised of more than 25 airplanes, including the Boeing 787, A330, A321, A320, A319, A310 and Embraer models, the 195 and the 175.