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Video Gallery

A World of Stories

Discover the Boeing 787 Dreamliner - to breathe its air, admire its design, indulge in its comfort and experience the dream firsthand

The Art of Flying

RJ's ongoing advertising campaign that offers our passengers the ultimate in travel experiences.

You're There

This commercial is a completion of "Change is in the air" that highlights more RJ's Services.

Change is in the Air

As part of RJ's advertising campaign, this commercial focuses on RJ's self check-in Service.

RJ History 2000

Released in January 2000, this Video focuses on RJ's rich history and progression into the 21st Century.

Embraer 195

Introducing the Embraer 195 aircraft, serving routes within the region.

Corporate Video

Introducing RJ's online, on ground, and onboard services. Served with our hospitable nature.