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Jordan Travel Guide
Located at the point where East meets West and along the corridor connecting three continents, Jordan has been visited by most of history's great empires. Each has left its distinct mark upon the land, and traded ideas with the people who lived here, creating a modern travelers dream destination. Petra, Jordan's most well-known site and one of the world's 7 wonders, is just the beginning of what Jordan has to offer. Beyond this majestic, ancient city, lies a world of history and culture, natural and ecological wonders, and thrilling adventure, waiting to be discovered.
Jordan as You Want to See It
From the high walls of Wadi Rum to the lowest point on earth on the shores of the Dead Sea, nature lovers will be amazed at this desert-nation's diverse ecological system. The ancient cities and castles spread across the country tell the stories of civilizations spreading throughout the world. Blue waters of the Red and Dead Seas invite you to relax and enjoy wellness. Swim the canyons or hike in the hills if adventure is what you seek. Jordan welcomes all to find themselves in this land of contrast and mystery.