50% discount and 100% convenience with RJ Flight Pass

Jan 29, 2018 - Amman

Amman, Jan. 29, 2018- With Royal Jordanian’s new Flight Pass product, passengers will be able to conveniently pre-purchase tickets at a low price and book flights later when they want to travel, at up to 50% discount.

Flight Pass, which is only available on rj.com and on RJ’s mobile app, allows customers to purchase multiple tickets bundled to one or more destinations on RJ’s global route network at fixed, pre-set and highly attractive fares per flight.

 Flight Pass enables RJ travelers to:

  • Purchase between 2 to 50 round-trips per Flight Pass.
  • Choose for one or multiple destinations (on worldwide RJ network)
  • Choose to pay either up front or in easy installments.
  • Select advance booking from 180 days to 4 hours prior to the flight departure as per their preference.
  • Have the benefit to share the Flight Pass with family and friends.
  • Choose travel validity from one month to one year.

The price of flights becomes cheaper if the number of selected flights is higher and if booked earlier.

President/CEO Stefan Pichler said: “RJ is now on the move, and Flight Pass is one major product offered to our customers at super low prices. We are redefining travel for our guests by minimizing total flying costs and locking-in your low fare and avoiding future fare increases. So, check us out on our website and buy your Flight Pass at amazing prices”

With this option-which is developed in coordination with Optiontown, a world pioneer in developing unique and innovative travel options, Economy and Crown Class passengers always pay the same low price for a plane ticket to a particular destination and have the guarantee of booking seats on any flight up to last seat availability.

Optiontown Founder & CEO, Sachin Goel, said: “Flight Pass is super cool - Lock-in low fares and fast, easy bookings. Customers save all their precious time as they no longer have to spend time in searching for flight deals or offers. It does not get better than that!”

For more information about Flight Pass, customers are invited to visit www.rj.com

or contact the call center at +962 6 5100000.

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